Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mesa Verde National Park

If you've heard of Mesa Verde National Park, you know it is famous for the cliff houses built by the ancestral Pueblo people in the 1200's.  Like this one in the photo above.
But there's more too it, if you look around.
We saw wild horses and a coyote and a golden eagle too. Plus some cool scenery.
And the canyons where the cliff houses were built.

Here in New Hampshire we have so many trees that you can't see storms as far away as you can out here in the open lands of the west, I love how you can watch the rain falling and moving across the landscape.
And cool dead trees, all twisted and gnarly.
And if you stay at the Far View Lodges at Mesa Verde, or have dinner or drinks at the Far View Restaurant. you can order a Prickly Pear margarita.
Different, but still yummy.
Really yummy.
The restaurant is a tad bit pricey but very very delicious.
How about a few more shots, a few traditional views of Mesa Verde too.

Heading into school today. Want to do a little bit in my classroom and I have my pre-Costa Rica trip class today. Only 2 days until we leave for our adventure.
Excited, nervous, anxious and can't believe I am going and giving up 10 days of my summer to do such an intense graduate course program.
Proud of myself for going a little bit out of my comfort zone.
Can't believe I am going to the mega heat and humidity when I hate heat and humidity.
I am a crazy woman I think.
Mad at myself that I am going and not just chilling out here at home.
Proud of myself for going on this adventure and excited to see what it brings.
I go back and forth.
Back and forth.
I always hate the actual leaving, then I will be fine.
It is what it is and for some reason I think going is a good thing.
At least I hope so.
See you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

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