Thursday, August 1, 2013

It is ALREADY August!

And no month of the year goes faster than July but August.
Especially when you go back to work on the 25th.
Did I say that?
Slap me quick!
Not allowed to think about THAT day yet.
Whole lot of summer vacation left in this world.
So I have been working on my kitchen cabinets.
Sprucing them up with some paint.
Will show you soon.
We need to decide the color-
I am leaning towards green but then I always do.
But today-
How about some arty dabbling to start?
(I am actually pre-posting this, while the primer dries on my kitchen cabinets- as I wrote yesterday-
since I am working at the lake this morning.
Kind of excited about that too.)
The one problem with a 3 ring binder for a journal is that once I make the page (outside of the binder) I sometimes punch it wrong or do the backside in the opposite direction and my page ends up upside down.
That's why there is a BIG whoops across this page.
Guess will make looking back far more interesting when I do that someday,
or else make me look pretty dumb.
Or both.
I love the stenciled.background on this page. I then added a bunch of die cuts, a menu and this gift card slide that I found at the store. I made a tag for it.
Then I used my wet stencil to make the background on this page, which I pretty much like too. Maybe better than the other page.
Wow, it has almost been a month since July 4?
But let's not get me distracted about time again so soon.
And one more scrappy type of page in my journal, with photos, doodling and this fabulous crab. This is an old Sizzix die, but what I like about him is the way I sprayed the paper to make him look really crabby.
Happy crabby that is.

So I am reading another fairly brainless fun book.
I enjoy his books- mainly because they make me so badly want to go back to the south of France.
Or just France in general.
But not travel moaning here,
One week until I leave on my Costa Rican adventure. Some type of cultural immersion class, not exactly sure what that entails, but I do have trip details and it looks like fun.
And wet
and hot.
Anyhow, I am game for it.
So, guess I have been babbling on quite enough for one day.
(Practicing my Spanish for Costa Rica.)
Hasta pronto.

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