Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tropical Fruit

There's an amazing variety of fruit in Costa Rica. We had some fruit that came right off the plant. We even made coco right from the beans.
It was the best coco I ever had.
Some of these are so unique to me I thought they might be unknown to you too.
Mamon Chinos were in season. They look like a kids toy, one of those spiky plastic balls where the spikes bend over.  They kind of feel like that too.
They were pretty yummy.
There white fleshy interior is slightly sweet and juicy.
Just don't eat the big pit.

And how about some fresh bananas? Much better than the ones you can buy here in the states.
Can you imagine walking out to your own banana tree and cutting of a bunch of bananas instead getting those green  or those over ripe bananas in the grocery store.
And see this? Not a fruit but the banana flower.
Not sure I can even name most of these.
How about the one in the middle that looks like white frog eggs or brain tissue?
We did get to try these at a medicinal farm we visited.
They certainly aren't for sale in New Hampshire though there's more things like mangoes and papayas now than there used to be.
And some of it was  not so sweet and tasty either.
And it takes like 18 months to grow a pineapple. I think these little baby pineapples are adorable.
And here's a couple members of my group sucking the juice out of freshly macheted sugar cane.
The plant looked like super tall corn to me because when you see it in the stores here it doesn't have any leaves.
Missing my fresh and juicy tropical fruit but still glad to be home. 
I'll be back with more later.
Thanks for stopping by.

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