Friday, August 2, 2013


Since starting this SEWN class offered by  Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA, I have become addicted to drawing patterns.
You can use some pretty fancy stuff to draw, but I did some while working at the boat ramp yesterday morning. Not the best circumstances to get too fancy.
My supplies.
Plus, which I didn't include in this photo, is the newest set of Distress Markers from Tim Holtz.
Here's my pages I patterned.
This is actual boat ramp. First I saw the rectangular blocks of cement it is made from, and then I saw the swirling comb patterns in each block. On the side of each I saw lots of small rounded stones/pebbles.
The new Distress Markers only come in 12 colors so I was limited there-but it is easier to carry 12 than 36 or 24.
Not one of my best endeavors. Started as steam on the water and then I added the cabin and then the hill, mainly one big mess. But still some pattern.
Yeah right?
An open page view.
The left is tree bark.
I rather like that. You can see where a branch was.
The right is self explanatory, but kind of dull.
I think I got good texture and depth. 

This page looks like a Grannie's nightgown.
Sorry if you have a nightgown like this.

So today it is back to do some more kitchen cabinet painting and I need to put the drawers back in so I can clean the mess off my counter tops.
Its a big job, but someone has to do it.
(And no one else in my house would, that's for certain.)
Happy Friday.
Thanks for visiting.

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SAMARA said...

Oh do i love these pages! there is something so rich and wonderful. Each and every one is so fantastic and individual. I am wondering how you did each and every one and as far as the grannie gown...i love it!!! heartfully yours, samara (p.s. i'm not a grannie haha)