Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thursday Art, and Some Snow Too

 Hi everyone. 

March here is being her normal fickle self, so one day it is 70 degrees F  (21 degrees C) and then 2 days later we are getting more snow.  Yesterday we were predicted to get some snow. Just a dusting those weather people said. Instead, I need to shovel off the deck this morning.

This is the view last night around 9. I'm not complaining, but just saying, enough is enough. Luckily it will warm up again today and this will hopefully melt. I hope that happens as fast as it arrived. 

 I have some art to share today. First I have a quick page that I made and that I am linking up to Valerie's  challenge at Art Journal Journey. If I can't have real spring, I am happy to have a spring challenge to make pages for.

My page started with the spiral word phrases. Some of the spirals say believe, some say dream  and some say imagine. Theses stamps are 3 sides of a cube set that is one of my oldest rubber stamps. I've been doing a bit of organizing and cleaning (I will save most of that project for when I reassemble my room), and in the process I came across this cube I haven't used in years. I remember buying it on a visit to New York City back around 2002 at the Ink Pad stamp store.

I'm not sure if this cube is one I will end up keeping when I reassemble the room. I like the spiral words, but they aren't the easiest to use. They do however make good butterfly trails, so I used some Art By Marlene punch out butterflies. After I tried them out on the page, but before I glued them down, I took a big Chinese calligraphy brush (which I love using to spread watercolor paint with, but forget calligraphy with my terrible penmanship) and used some spring colored watercolors to make the circles.

I then glued down the butterflies, did a bit of white pen doodling on them and used some stickers to create to quote.

I also have a tag for Michele's flower or plant challenge at Tag Tuesday.

The background is made by scraping some left over paint over my tag.  I added some stamping and  some scrap die cut flowers. The deer was also a leftover die cut in my scrap box, and then I also added some white paper flowers, with a bit of sparkle to make their centers. To finish it off I added some blue sequins as well as the sticker quote. 

I'm having a fairly quiet week doing some spring cleaning and making lots of art, so there's not much else to share.

I hope you enjoyed my art today, and you are having a great week so far. 

Thanks again for visiting.


Shari Burke said...

The first piece has such an airy vibe. It does put me in mind of a warm sunny day and I live those word spirals.

The snow does make me smile, I must admit. I feel such a sense of inner peace when I see winter. But I do remind myself that this is part nostalgia and that it was sometimes a pain to actually deal with it. :-)

Hope you have a great day whatever the weather.

kathyinozarks said...

good morning I did enjoy seeing your art today. we are getting up to 3 inches of snow starting late today into tomorrow and temps down to 9 degrees-ugh sounds like more ice to clear off again. it is March-unpredictable haha enjoy your day hugs Kathy

CJ Kennedy said...

Yup, a 2 inch dusting that needs to be swept from the stairs and walk. It was all icy underneath. Good thing it will melt today. The stamp makes perfect butterfly trails.. Hopefully, we'll see the butterflies soon. More snow coming on Saturday, too.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

We have not had snow for several days now, Erika, and the daytime highs are consistently getting up to five or six degrees, so what was here is disappearing quickly. Cardinals are singing, Red-winged Blackbirds are claiming territory in the marshes, American Robins and Common Grackles seem to be everywhere and even the Turkey Vultures are patrolling the skies. We may get another snowfall, of course, before March expires, but it is a last gasp, and spring now has the upper hand. What a glorious time of the year. I will be leading an outing of 25 dedicated birders to Long Point on Saturday and we are giddy at what we might see. The Tundra Swan migration seems to be just about peaking and that is one of nature's great spectacles. Wanna come with us? I set the limit at 25 people but I will pretend I couldn't count. You can even ride with us! Hugs from Ontario. David.

Jeanie said...

We're due for a bit of snow today but apart from shady spots (and mountains in parking lots) most has melted. Even that we got a few days ago. That's always heartening. Come and go. As long as it goes!

Love your deer tag!

Valerie-Jael said...

Hi Erika, sorry you got so much snow, hope it goes away soon. I love both pieces today, the spring journal page and the beautiful tag. I love the words going round in circles, that's a great stamp! Thanks so much for making these lovely pieces for my challenge at AJJ and for Michele's challenge at Tag Tuesday, much appreciated. Stay warm! Hugs, Valerie

Angie's Recipes said...

Beautiful art, Erika. And that's a lot of snow for March!

Divers and Sundry said...

Your weather sounds like mine except we're 10 degrees warmer with _much_ less chance of snow.

How can you not like sequins :) Pretty!

DVArtist said...

Oh that snow so sucks. The weather here is off as well. We are in a freeze all night long and only getting to 40°F during the day. We are usually in coastal rains and much much warmer. Love your art. Stay warm.

Birgit said...

This is why I hate March! The weather men never seem to get it right. We are supposed to get snow this weekend too. We had close to 70F on Sunday but strong winds. I had to go to a baby shower and another lady had to take the skyway bridge where she saw a semi truck just being pushed by the wind before it topped on its side, right at the top. She took pics and she was so lucky not to be closer.

I love your page which is full on spring and love the twirly quotes. The bold colour circles remind me of flowers and balloons and just love those butterflies.

That tag is just amazing!! I love the blues and the deer in front with the sequins for bling. This could be a card for a birthday, or Christmas.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Hi Erika, wow, that's a bit jarring even for me to just see. I can only imagine, though. That's a lovely page and those butterflies are cool. I have some of Marlene's stamps and they are very unique. Love your tag, very mixed media! XOX

Anonymous said...

I wanna hold some snow in my hand and feel it. I live in tropical eastern. Just imagine how cool the show :)

Meggymay said...

Hope the snow didn't come back, we haven't seemed to have as much as past years, however the weather seemed to think we needed storms instead.
I loved seeing the light and airy page you created, the butterflies do promise that spring is coming.
Have a good weekend.
Yvonne xx

nwilliams6 said...

Wow, the snow is pretty. I has been t-shirt think about swiming weather the last few days here and we are going back to winter this weekend - very strange!

Love your happy spring AJJ page, Erika. The butterflies were a great addition. The tag is gorgeous with the different colors and layers. The deer and flower mix is perfect! Inspires me.

Have a great weekend. Hugz

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry about that "dusting." We are supposed to get at least an inch or more before this moves out of our area.

I really like how you used those stamps. I've been gifted with a couple of cubes and they are hard to store. They were a good idea when they first came out, but are now obsolete, I feel. I like how you used those as butterfly trails. THey are very cleverly situated. Thanks for sharing them with us at Art Journal Journey using Valerie's theme.

I really like that tag. I think your use of different flowers made it come to life.

NatureFootstep said...

love your butterfly journal and the deer tag. I´ve been looking for buttrflies the first one usually show up in march. But not yet.

Hope your winter melts away soon.

Neet said...

Sorry about your Spring but I love your Spring page in your journal. I do like the circles made up of words, don't get rid of that stamp, you will regret it I am sure. I would buy it from you if I lived in your country. As you say it makes beautiful butterfly trails but I am sure you could use it lots of times in your journaling. The butterflies are terrific, so lovely and bright and I do like the different shapes. Same with the lettering, I am a lover of lettering and this is fab for me. A super Spring page and a smashing tag below it.
Hope the white stuff disappears.
Hugs, Neet xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your butterflies making their word trails! Great tag too! Trying to catch up!Hugs, Chrisx

Sandra Wright. said...

A wonderful Tag Erika, love the vibrancy of the colours.x

Michele said...

such pretty creations, each of them! thanks for linking to tag tuesday! xo

WendyK said...

Love your art but not the snow, we haven’t had any this year (so far) The cube stamp looks very useful, I couldn’t get rid of that one, it’s very effective as butterfly trails. Great tag and thank you for sharing with us on Tag Tuesday. Have a great day, hugs Wendy.

Gillena Cox said...

What a gorgeous tag. Have a nice Tuesday.