Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What Squirrels Do Best

Hi everyone. Happy middle of the week.

Today I have a page for Wendy's Door and/or Arches challenge at Art Journal Journey. My page started with this sheet of leaf printed tissue paper I received from a non-blogging friend. I also found this pile of shrine style doors while cleaning through a bin of assorted paper items.

I started by using matte medium to attach my tissue paper, and then I used some watercolor paints to color the leaves (except the green one on the right which is a sticker-the very final thing I added to my page).  I also  used some various colored watercolor paints to splatter  the background to give it some depth and detail.

I used  a turquoise ink pad to color my shrine, and then I used a black Sharpie and some markers to add most of the decorations on it. The squirrel was stamped, and he didn't get added until I was almost finished in the page making process.

The shrine doors open, and inside this shrine I added this quote stamped piece of paper. My page still looked a little bland, and that's when I decided to stamp the acorns inside and add Mr. Squirrel on the outside of the shrine.

Isn't that what squirrels do, put away acorns in every little spot they can find?

And to wrap up my post, here's a few more photos from my visit to deCordova Sculpture park that I mentioned in my last post.

These next photos are of a piece that  reminded me of lava flowing, but the artist was much more clever than I am. The long form was representative of artist's models lounging on a chaise. The rock was the symbolic weight of staying still and posing and of so many male artists wanting the female form in this  seductive and less dominant position.

I could see when I stepped back and after I had read the blurb about the statue.

But I l also love the lava looking effect of this piece up close.

 Next are some colorful pieces based on a Greek myth of how original people formed after  one proto-human was torn in 2 to become male and female.

And much less abstract in the design, I like this ball(?) catching goose statue.  I'm not sure what the ball represents; I think maybe a wandering golf ball or perhaps a miniature earth. I'd like this one  for my garden though.

And how about this next photo's stealth statue? Smile. I wonder what had been there. Or was the marked spot the point of the empty space?

And finally for today, a piece which represents something the world could use more of right now.

Hope your week is going well. And thanks for visiting. 



Iris Flavia said...

Peanut says hi and loves the day, too!The goose is sweet, too.
Great last one, yes, we need this!
Hugs and to a great week ahead.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

These artists definitely have different and diverging concepts of sculpture and how it portrays life, and that surely is the strength of art. I remember the controversy over the Henry Moore sculpture outside city hall in Toronto at the time of its installation. It has now become a point of pride and a focus of Nathan Philips Square. Hugs - David

Mae Travels said...

Thanks for posting more of the wonderful sculpture. I'd love to see that garden!

best... mae at

Angie's Recipes said...

A rather cute page! That's a goose? I thought it looked like a dragon LOL

kathyinozarks said...

I love the goose the best of the sculptures. I am thinking he has some sort of food in his mouth like a large piece of fruit or something.
great journal page too-yes squirrels do stash their nuts everywhere-love how the door opens up.
Happy mid week Hugs Kathy

Divers and Sundry said...

I love the opening shrine doors.

So many different styles of sculpture. Cool!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like the leaf printed tissue background you used for Wendy's latest offering. I like how you included the squirrel and acorns in the Seize the Day quote. Clever way to coordinate the entry. Thanks for this nice entry for Wendy's theme at Art Journal Journey.

I adore those abstract sculptures. I really like that they are colored, too. The bird with the ball was different, but fun and the last one was incredible. So glad you shared these with us, Erika.

R's Rue said...

So cute. Love it.

CJ Kennedy said...

Fabulous sculptures. Now I want to go to the deCordova.

Aimeslee Winans said...

That sure is what squirrels appear to do! If we could just ask one of them to be sure, heehee. Cool sculptures and I agree with your thinking it was lava flow. Oh well, that's what it is to you! Nice door shrine and leaf page. Hope it's cooling off a bit? Or are y'all fixin' to get it? I thought I heard it's headed your way. I know my friend in Ontario is sweltering, xoxo

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love this fun take for Wendy's AJJ theme Erika! I love watching squirrels - we even have them in our gardens here. I also spotted the fox one night at bedtime. I love all those interesting shapes in the park! Hugs, Chrisx

Neet said...

That sculpture park looks amazing, always somewhere I long to go when I know there is one close by.
Your page is very interesting, how fortunate you found some shrines, perfect for this challenge and this one you used to perfection. Love how you outlined everything in black. I remember a well known journalist doing that - her name escapes me but if I remember I will be back.
Hugs, Neet xx

Meggymay said...

Super photos of your visit to the park Erika. I loved the journal page with the opening door as well.
Yvonne xx