Friday, April 28, 2017

Signs of Spring

 The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom here in New Hampshire..
And my daffodils are out.
 And there's still a few crocuses left too.
Today felt like summer here. It was warm and humid. Out came the shorts. :)
 So here's this weeks spread in my calendar journal . 
 Here's a cropped view of just the left side. Its my last entry for Hazel's great challenge at Art Journal Journey this month. The theme is Magical Mystery Tour, and when I think about butterflies, it certainly is magical how the caterpillar turns into a gorgeous butterfly. And to me, the biologist, it is such a mystery why they go through such physical changes from the caterpillar to the butterfly. 
It been a great challenge Hazel. Thanks for fun.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Little Bit of Time with The Masters

Hi everyone. Its another cloudy and showery Thursday here in my part of the world. 
I spent my day doing a lot of art yesterday, but nothing got photographed or scanned in, so today I have a few more pieces from the Masters.  These are some more photos I took at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, which I visited on Tuesday. I'm still working my way through the Matisse photos I took, and I did visit the Botticelli exhibit too. That exhibit was smaller than the Matisse one, but both were quite crowded. Actually the museum was very busy for a Tuesday afternoon, and perhaps it was because of the special exhibits, or maybe it was the rain, but whatever the reason it was good to see so many people there.
The MFA is a fairly large museum, and my husband (who was with me) isn't really an art guy, but he was a good sport. So other than the special exhibits we visited,  I didn't walk through a whole lot of the permanent collection. I did take a little stroll through some of the Impressionist exhibit particularly because I wanted to see the Van Gogh's. But here's a few of the popular artists that you've probably heard of that were in the same exhibit.
A couple of Cezanne's.

And a few Gauguin's.

They had several Degas pieces, but here is the only one I took a snapshot of.
This lady in the red coat happened to be walking about the same direction and speed as me.
And a Munch.
A Renoir. 
And lots of Monet's. I wonder with all the Monet art that is out there, what was the total number of pieces he actually created during his lifetime. Of course I look at how much I have created, and art is not my job, and I bet he made a whole lot. 
So here's some Monet.

 I like this Japanese inspired piece because its very different than I expect Monet to be.

 And there must be water lilies.
 But how can you not love Monet?

And finally today I have this Van Rysselberghe for you. I'm not really familiar with this artist, but I do the the light and the warm summery feel of this piece.
Off to an early appointment today. Hope your day is a good one.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good News

Yup, Tuesday's trip down to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston was a success! My husband was cleared for kidney transplant surgery! 😀
He said when he walked back out into the waiting room and gave me the thumbs up, he could see the relief sweep across my face.
It was still early at this point, and we were in the city, and I really wanted to go see the Henri Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, and the hubby was in a good mood, so we went over  to the T station (The T is the Boston subway system), and headed over to the museum for a few hours.
The Matisse exhibit was wonderful, and I have photos to show you another day once I go through them. It was actually  a banner day at the museum because there were a couple of other amazing exhibits to see also.
More on those another day also. 
But while the hubby sat in a comfy chair and texted with our daughter, I disappeared for a little bit and went up to see the 4 Van Gogh paintings that the museum owns. I also got to see a couple of Gaugin's, Monet's and Renoir's. And a few other paintings too.
After just reading the book about Van Gogh's Ear (by Bernadette Murphy), I was curious to see in real life 2 of the paintings that she included in the book's color plates. 
(And Jeanie if you get around to reading this, I did see the Secrets of the Dead episode on PBS about this woman and how she found the info to describe what actually happened. I appreciate you mentioning it.:)
The people in these portraits were described in the book as his friends in Arles, France.

 This is the postman, Joseph Roulin.
 Plus there were 2 other Van Gogh's which I was not familiar with.

It was cool to see the stylistic differences between different painters of that era and those of Matisse.
It was a good day, for sure.
I hope you had a good day too, and you have a good day today too. (Or tomorrow, if you re reading this in the evening/night.)
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Monday, April 24, 2017

T Stands for Sunshine and Spring

Happy T day everyone.  It is already Tuesday again. Our sunshine has disappeared and the rain is coming, but the last couple of days have been just gorgeous.
 Here's a couple of shots from my Monday morning walk.
And some shots from a Sunday evening drive.
 Ice out on the the big lake near my home was last week. That means its almost boating season. :)

I've spent the last 3 days doing yard work.  Monday's project was spreading back mulch.
Monday night I was ready to go to bed early! :)
I was pretty worn out Sunday evening too after some outside work. The hubby had gone off during the day to do his favorite spring chore, uncovering his boat which he stores up at his mother's house. When he got home we decided to go get some ice cream, but then decided we were so hungry we should stop and have dinner instead.
They make the BEST brick oven pizzas.
I washed mine down with a 603 Winnie amber ale.
I like how it was served in a Pats glass.
The hubby had a rum punch.
I noticed this photo gave his face a weird coloring. Not sure what that was all about, but the punch was that orange red color.
Then we were naughty and stopped for an ice cream.
I worked so hard today I certainly burned off dinner for sure.
And it was YUMMY! :)
So stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the T gang has been up to. And maybe you'd even like to join in the T day fun. All you need is a drink photo.
So I might be a little late getting to some of your blogs since the hubby has one more pre-surgery test in Boston. Keep your fingers the results are good news. 
And have a happy T day every one.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Was

I spend the second day of my vacation cleaning out the screen porch and getting it set up for the season.  The floor needed to be swept and vacuumed and then washed. The furniture needed a wiping down. 
It was a gorgeous day with perfect temperatures and lots of sun and every now and then I had to stop and go soak up some of that sun and read a while. 
Its too early to move plants out there but its still looking good and I'm excited to have it ready to use.
It means the good weather is a coming.
The only art I did all weekend was a couple of pages in my drawing journal.
One more outside work day tomorrow before the rain comes and my week changes directions. 
The kidney transplant doctors decided at the last minute my husband needs one more test. Its scaring me. If this test fails, then there can't be a transplant. Tuesday we go down to Boston and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, everything goes in my husband's favor. Kind of mad these doctors couldn't do this two months ago before they even sent him a letter saying everything was all approved and we have set up so many pieces to this ordeal. 
I could say a lot more about this, but it will just me negative and down., since there's nothing I can do about any of it right now.
So, I am going to focus on doing some more yard work tomorrow and maybe even finding some art time too. :)
Have a great start to your week everyone. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Recap

Its Saturday evening. It was a damp and raw day here in New Hampshire  I started off my day with a walk and then moved onto some yard chores. 
I think that was a good way to spend  part of Earth Day. 

One of the things we did was unloaded all the yard furniture out of the screen porch and then the hubby took the plastic off of it. When I'm home this upcoming week I am going to give it a good cleaning and then set it up to use on those nice spring days.

Luckily we got the yard work done before it started to drizzle, I spent the afternoon cleaning out some clothes.
Before I took a nap.
Not a bad Saturday.
And here's a page for Hazel's awesome challenge at Art Journal Journey. Magical Mystery Tour  is the theme and I think swimming under the sea is certainly a magical tour. And what you'll come across is surely a mystery. 
Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate it!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.