Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Sunday

A new week is here. It is crisp and chilly and feels like fall here in my neck of the woods. I am sipping a big cup of pumpkin chai latte  that Trader Joe's had back in stock. A little lazy time this morning with no place I need to go to. That puts a big smile on my face.
I have a new journal page for Art Journal Journey. The theme this month is back to school, hosted by Elizabeth. Its been a really fun theme and if you have yet to join in, you should.
My page isn't exactly about school, but it is about learning which is what you do at school. The school district I work in used to have the motto, "Making Life Long Learners", and that is my inspiration for today's page.  School district motto's seem to change with each new (well not always so new) and in vogue push in the educational philosophy.
So I was recently looking through one of the magazines I cut out from when I found a photo of one these little free reading libraries. Back in the early summer several photos of these cute little libraries appeared on various blogs, and since I had never heard of them, I was very curious. We don't have any of them around here, at least in the range that my travels have taken me.
So when I found this photo I cut it out and decided to make a page out of it. I used a bunch of items from my stash to finish it off, as well as some paint for the background.

And I was quite excited, when back in August on our weekend to the Hudson River Valley in New York, I came across one of these little free libraries. 
So I've been having a nice weekend. The hubby's surgery is Tuesday, and he is very nervous. He's been focusing on getting the boat cleaned up and put away, as well as pulling the air conditioners out of the windows. I can do the rest of the fall clean up while he is recouping. I've been trying to deal with my stress with a little more relaxing. I also need to get myself organized for school  as I'll be out for a few days and with some grades due at the end of the week, I need to get myself caught up.
Its always something.
Have a wonderful time with the rest of your weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Art Journaling

Sharing a bit of art journaling with you today. Time to party over at  Paint Party Friday.
( Thanks Eva and Kirsten!!!)
My pages aren't necessarily exciting today, but here's a little journal play.
Some things I think worked for me, and some didn't. But overall I am happy with these pages.
Even more so, before I started this journal back in the spring, I would have been afraid to try a lot of these views. I'm come to be ok not only with experimenting, but also when the page doesn't  exactly work out. And I love having a journal to record some of the things in life.
Yup, the rear view mirror is upside down.
Glad it is Friday, although I must say this week has flown right by.  This has been a very fast month for me. Usually that first month of school drags, but not this year.  
And it is suppose to crisp and cool this weekend which sounds nice. I am ready to wear some sweaters.
Not tons on my weekend agenda either.. With the hubby's surgery next week, I know he wants to get the boat put away. I'd like to bake a cake, make some art, take a couple of walks and do a little sewing or knitting. 
Lets see what I actually accomplish.
Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer Nostalgia

Autumn is here. It is exciting and also a little bit sad. (Mainly because  it means we are closer to another winter, which always fills me with a little bit of dread. Not my favorite season, I will admit. Winter is just too long here in New Hampshire.)
  Thought I would start this new season by showing you some photos from the last season that I haven't posted yet. 
A little summer nostalgia.
Lots of boats and water.
And mechanical lifters. What would you call this? Does anyone know?

I apologize if I have shown you any of these before.

A late summer boat trip to the beach. I could deal with a nice day and doing this again right now.
Swimming puppies. They don't care that it is cooler they still like to go swimming.
And flowers!

Exploring. Here's some views from an old fort.

 Walking the puppies and exploring nature.
 Finding funny things like super big chairs.
 growing veggies in my garden.

 Now what is a statue of a rhino doing in the middle of Boston?
 And of course there was some great art.
 Interesting wall  coverings.
 City scapes too.
H-ha. Summer fun. It was a good one.
I'll be back with some art tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Good Book

What is better than a good book to read? Thank goodness we learned to read, whether it was at school, from someone at home, or on your own. I made my page today to celebrate reading and all the good (and I guess all the bad too) books out there that we can escape into because we can read.
And since most people learn to read at school, I am linking up to Elizabeth's theme this month at Art Journal Journey- Back To School.
I was originally going to make my page book shaped, but then it was rather awkward, so I attached it to this Gelli print. I found this cat sticker in my stash, and I liked her soooo much I added her in. I think the cat's expression almost looks like a strict  teacher who loves the kids but doesn't want them to have any fun unless she says so.
I think I could have been that girl in the chair too when I was a young lass. Or now but add in a few more creases and some pockets of extra body weight- ha-ha!
Today I am keeping this one short. But I appreciate you stopping by for a visit.

Monday, September 19, 2016

T is for a Saturday Evening Camp Fire

 Last Saturday night it was a nice evening for so late in the summer. So around six o'clock the hubby started a little fire in the fire pit. I made us each a margarita in our Yeti tumbles- so they would stay cold.  I bought my Yeti tumbler back in July and the hubby, impressed how cold mine kept my drinks, went and bought one too. So now we could both keep our margaritas  nice and icy even though they were next to the fire.
And we broke out the popcorn popper and popped up a little pre-dinner appetizer. 
 Its lots of fun to pop some corn over an open fire.

 And we enjoyed the fire and the evening until it started to cool off  and our stomachs were rumbling for dinner.
Then we went in and had some chicken noodle soup for dinner followed by a movie on TV.  It was the perfect Saturday night for me.:)
Since it is Tuesday, it is time for T for Tuesday . Stop by Elizabeth's  blog  to check out what the T Gang has eaten and drank. Or better yet, you could join in too.
I also have another page for Art Journal Journey today. This month's theme is Back to School, also hosted by Elizabeth
I don't know if its universal or not, but here when a student wants to contribute to class or ask a question (like to use the bathroom), it is expected they raise their hands. That was the inspiration for my page today.
That's all for me today.  Happy T day everyone.

A Little More from Iceland

I've been working on making a photo book of my summer travels to Iceland. I am finally going through some of the 2500 hundred photos I took, eliminating many of them as I go. But I thought I have some photos you might enjoy.
First of all, how about some glacier photos.
 I was really amazed how close we could get next to the glacier.
And how broken up and crumpled the glacial ice was. And dirty from pulling the volcanic soil with it as  it moved.
 You didn't want to get on this to walk. There seemed to be crevasses everywhere.
And there was a small little pond at the base where the glacier had calved a few little pieces.
 And this was a different glacier's terminus. 
This was one of the coolest things we saw. We had to drive off road to get to these points, but it was well worth it. None of this was visible from the main Ring Road.
And there was so many waterfalls. Amazing BIG waterfalls. With lots of water.
 This bottom photo is a different waterfall from the top photo.  This bottom one was cool because you could walk up behind it. 
We did this and it was after 11 PM/ 23 hours.

 The sun finally went into set mode, even though we were now even closer to the new day. I think that made the  scene even more spectacular.

.And as many sheep everywhere too.

And fields of flowers.
 Lots of lighthouses.
 And green views.
Along with lava fields.
It was surely a beautiful and amazing island. I still have lots more photos, which I will get to another day.
So this Monday it is raining and raining here. Big smile. Yesterday's rain kind of fizzled out, but that worked so we could unload the boat. We have to get that put away before my hubby's surgery next week. I also got a little cleaning done in my closet-nothing major but got a big bag of clothes ready for the charity bins. Anyhow, the rain woke me up at 3:30 this morning and I laid in bed listening to it come down. It was a magical sound that I haven't heard for so long.
Time to think about getting ready for work.
 Hope you enjoyed your views.