Friday, August 26, 2016

What Vacation?

So its been one day back at work and summer vacation feels like it was a long time ago. Although it was a good day, I fell right back into the work routine. Its like I picked up up right where I left off in June. 
And I came home a flopped on my hammock, read a little bit and took a nap. Then I moved to the couch and watched some of the Roosevelts- a long film series by Ken Burns. Not a very exciting night for me. :) But well needed after my busy day.
I thought I would show you this journal page as this was me after work yesterday- enjoying the late afternoon on a warm late summer day. Its not a very complicated piece, some magazine cut outs, a little paint, some stamps and some tape.
So its been one day back at work and I am taking a day off today. Not for fun though. I am off to Boston and Mass General Hospital for my visit to the kidney transplant doctors. Keep your fingers crossed that I can set a date for this surgery. I need to get past all this and move forward.
So since my page is full of some summery nature images-flowers and bugs and green grass, I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. Thanks to this month's hostess Gill for a great theme. 
Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
And thanks for stopping by my blog too. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016


A journal page today to celebrate my first day back to work after a long summer break.  I have no students today as it is a teacher workday. The darlings don't come back until next week. But I am breaking myself in and getting to work early- I have my classroom to set up and a zillion meetings, so it will be a long and busy day even without the kids.
I used all kinds of assorted pieces to make my journal page. The background is layered, stamped and painted.
I did manage to have a great last day of vacation. I stayed home, took a walk, read a book in my hammock,  baked another batch of zucchini bread  and made some art.  And I loved every minute of it. :)
Even though I've spent half my summer doing this, it doesn't get old.
 What a face! She's going to miss those morning strolls but maybe we can start taking some afternoon walks once the weather cools a bit. And  we still have the weekends.
She'll like spending more time at doggie daycare though.
The sun sets on another summer break.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Wonders of Nature in Cloth

OK, this is the last day of my summer break, which is always a little sad. The idea of getting back into a work routine is always a little tough to stomach, but I am a tough cookie and can do it. Ha-ha. I actually don't mind going back to work, but I will miss my morning walks, the sleeping in a little later than 4:45 and having more me time each day. Have I gotten a little spoiled this summer or what? :)
So today I have my usual end of summer dilemma. Do I go off and do something fun? Do I try to get one of those projects on my summer to do list done, seeing hardly any of them got done this summer? Do I just relax around the house and enjoy a low key day since once back to work, those days are fewer and farther between? I always feel like the last day of break should be something special and not just a wasted day. But the question that always rolls around in my head is what is special to me this year?
OK, enough philosophizing. Today I have as sewn piece for you. I made it from some hand cut designs and also some dies that I used to cut out fabric shapes. Then I sewed them and painted Mr. Fox's eyes and nose.
This piece reminds me of a summer night camping. It is a wonder of nature, so I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. Thanks Gill (this month's hostess) for such a great theme.
I'm also linking up to Moo Mania with a new theme of Nature's Beauty.
That's all for me today. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sangria Fest

Howdy T Gang and everyone else. It Tuesday once again. Time for T Is for Tuesday.
As some of you might know,  a couple of weekends ago my husband and I went to the Hudson River Valley in New York. My sister-in-law asked us to go along with her and her husband. I think she was worried her hubby wouldn't take his vacation (he's rather a work-aholic) if it was just the two of them going. Plus its always fun to travel with another couple.
My husband and I let them pick the destination. They really wanted to go to this Sangria Festival in Marlborough. Since it is T Day, I thought I would share a few photos from the Winery where the festival was.

It was really pretty there.  The little blue water that looks like a lake is what you can see of  the Hudson River.

They had all these various sangrias to  taste. My favorite was called Bee Tea. After tasting them, I bought  a glass to have with my lunch.  I think this winery had the marketing down. Give out 8 small tastes and then charge for either a glass or a pitcher of your favorites.
Unfortunately it was an uncomfortably hot day. I think it was about 97 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27 degrees Celsius) with very high humidity,  It really didn't make you want to drink, even cold sangria. This one glass was more than enough. 
We did take a tour of the cellars though.

Wine making is much more complicated than stomping on grapes and letting the juice age in oak barrels. (That was new to me) Now I don't claim to be any type of wine connoisseur, so I can't tell you what these shiny  containers were used for. I was actually so warm that I was basking in the coolness of the cellars. 

I did think this old barrel was pretty interesting.
 I think this would have been a lot more fun if it wasn't so hot. But it still is a good story.  And something I had never done before. I'm glad we went.

We left fairly early and headed to our hotel which had a pretty nice pool. And air conditioned rooms. :) 
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the tea gang is up to, and maybe you even want to join in too.
We are having some cool fall like weather. :)  In fact, I had to shut down some windows last night it dropped into the 40's. Crisp and chilly. But what a difference from the weather while at the Sangria Fest. Guess it is preparing me for the start of school. :(
Happy T Day everyone.

Lousy Photo, but a Journal Page

Happy Monday everyone. I'm on my last 3 days of vacation. Where did  the long lazy days of summer go?  Even though Thursday I go back to work I hope to squeeze in a little more summer fun before then. And there's still a few more weeks of nice weather ahead of us too, so I tell myself summer isn't really over yet. :)
So today I have a journal page that isn't from my summer journal and isn't from my Iceland journal. :)
I was just playing with a couple new stencils and a few stamps I had. And it is a LOUSY photo, but my journal is so full it won't stay open. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
And I haven't shown you lots of summer boating photos, but today I have a few to show you.

 Bridge construction is coming along.
 Can you make out the submarine just behind the netting? Its at the naval shipyard being worked on.

 Drawbridge up. As one side of this catamaran/

Happy new week. Hope yours starts in a good way!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Birds of Iceland and a Street Fair

 Sorry for the Iceland journal theme about a million times, but today I have another page for Art Journal Journey on the theme of Nature's Wonders.  Gill is hosting this month and she picked this great topic. 
I made this bird spread of some of the shore birds I saw in Iceland, some of which we have here in the  Northeast US and some we don't. The big bird on the bottom right is an oystercatcher,  and I had never seen one until I went to Iceland, where I saw several.  And then yesterday we were boating and what flies right next to the boat but a pair of them. I was excited to see them.  (I was also hoping to see some whales, as we saw a few last summer, but there were none to be seen. It was a good day for seeing seals though. They  get into lobster traps, so I've learned if you look around the buoys you may see some, and we did.)
Anyhow, back to the birds. All these images are cut out of a children's book on shore birds. Several weeks ago my daughter and I went to the local hospital street fair, which is in a big field. There are lots of tents where they sell items donated and all the monies raised go to help the hospital. I love to go and see what I can find for bargains, because none of the items are priced very high. One of the things I found was the set of 3 children's bird books, printed in England so they contained lots of European birds.
 I paid 50 cents for the set, and although I hated to cut them out, I did manage to convince myself to chop some photos out of the sea bird book. It had (in it) lots of the Icelandic birds I saw, and I thought when I bought it it would be perfect for my journal.I also found these cute little shortbread/gingerbread molds. They were $3.50 and are made of ceramic. I know the brand and they sell for quite a bit more new than that.
 Here's a few from the edge of the street fair.  Not a great photos but it gives you an idea of all the tents.
 And this is in the home wares tent where I found the cookie molds. The books came out of the book tent, which is my favorite. I also picked up several fiction reads. I also seem to leave that book tent spending $10 and carrying a very full and heavy back.
 OK, nothing to do with my art journal page but after the street fair my daughter and I went and grabbed a little supper, and then we decided we needed to split this hot fudge sundae, which was quite yummy.
We couldn't even finish it. :)
Happy rest of your weekend.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New York Photos

 Last weekend I was away on a little jaunt. Today I have a few assorted photos  that I took on this jaunt in the Hudson River Valley in New York state.
It was a really beautiful place. I definitely want to go back sometime and explore the area some more.
Thanks to my brother-in-law for the suggestion!
These photos are in no particular order. The only qualification is that I liked them. :)
Hope you do too.

Hope you are having a great weekend!