Thursday, January 24, 2008

If I am ever NOT a teacher

I did another day at Leadership Teacher today- we went to a biotech company in Portsmouth-right up my alley. Did enjoy my day. But what I'm leading to is not me working at a biotech company (because I am a bioartgal geek who does NOT like to work in a lab) but if I ever not teach and can have my day or more importantly my mornings to myself. Here's some things I would do.
1- Have nice breakfasts- as its my favorite meal and I usually eat 1/2 a dry bagel, a drinkable yogurt and a mug of herbal tea in the car. I love breakfast. I read this blog- Simply Breakfast, and there are photos of some yummy looking food. Some day when I don't have to run out at 6 a.m.
2- Exercise in the morning. An early morning walk, or a workout on the elliptical. I am just beat by the end of the work day and it usually doesn't happen. I walk in the morning all summer- and I love to greet the day while its still cool and fresh-or usually is.
3-Read before I get out of bed, or go back to bed after I exercise and read. I love to read in the morning. I get so much reading done, especially if its quiet.
Anyhow, don't know when this might happen...I'm far away from retirement, not rich...just an average gal. I don't mind working, really, just my mornings would be wonderful.

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