Saturday, January 12, 2008

This weekend...the list of things to do-and those we DID

1-Let's start with a few more Dublin pages. Today did a bit of scrapping, working on pictures from Dublin still- doing Christchurch and St. Paul's Cathedrals. Will post as I finish them.
2-Big Pats game tonight-play off fever. They made it through the regular season with no losses, it would be a shame if they lost tonight. Keep your fingers crossed. It will be a late game since it starts at 8.
3-Want to finish my book- The Pillars of the Earth. Have about 200 pages left (out of the 900+), and want to know what's going to happen. Plus I am ready for a new book- something fast.
4-Today was my mother-in-laws 74th birthday. We all went to the Texas Roadhouse for lunch- waited forever for our tables (they only have tables big enough for 6 people and we needed 2 tables) but then they gave us free appetizers- we filled up so much on those and our 22 ounce beers that most of dinner made it home for lunch tomorrow. Was fun though- Barbara even sat on the saddle. She really enjoyed that, and it is her birthday. making her happy on her special day is a good thing.
5-Tomorrow am going to sew some crocheted flowers on my quilt. Bought the flowers off eBay and I needed them since I can't sew through all three layers of the quilt in the mid-sections with my sewing machine. I did machine stitch the 3 layers together around the borders back over Christmas break, but want to hold the whole thing tight. Am excited about doing that and putting it on my bed- FINALLY.
6-They are saying snow storm Sunday night into Monday. Wonder what that means for driving and school Monday. Today was another gorgeous day- we've had a week of nice weather. Today was sunny and in the low 40's- I can happily live with that!
7-Think I will start crocheting my flower scarf during the game tonight. Just learned to crochet last weekend- so hopefully it will go ok.
8-Otherwise, want to relax and sleep in some more. That was sooo nice about this morning. Got up at 8:15 when Harley dog woke me up. I love to sleep in when you can't get out in the morning. In the summer I love to get up and walk early in the day, before it too hot. But now, sleep works for me.

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