Thursday, January 17, 2008

Irish movies

So I have been buying a few cheap DVDs to amuse myself during this cold indoor season. Seems most of them- just by chance- are films made in Ireland. This is a film I had tucked away-bought it many years ago and haven't watched in in ages-but I watched it last night and I RECOMMEND it! Its a great comedy-clever and not the usual. General gist, Dad turns into a rat and the family tries to figure out what to do with him. Stay tuned for more asI get a chance to watch the other DVDs I have collected.
For other news, had a drs appointment today- my blood pressure is down- that's good, but my weight is up-which is bad. Weight is such an evil thing...its just a constant battle. I've stopped baking as much as I used to because I can't eat it without bulging more than I already do, and I've practically given up on desserts, and even food...arggggggggg! Hate being short and small boned! Weight makes me sad and depressed. Diets don't work. Cooking dinner after working all day and commuting 90 minutes round trip and eating at 7 pm doesn't work either! What's a gal to do?

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