Sunday, January 6, 2008

Recounting and relaxing

Today- my morning workout- major big one since we have over 3 feet on snow on the ground- but is in the high 30's today and was a blast- me and Harley trucking through the woods behind the house. Got to do laundry and should run to the grocery store...and maybe stop arguing with Katie-think that's her news year's resolution- lets fight with Mom.
Yesterday went to North Conway with Deb and Barbara (my in-laws) shopping while Dave and dave and the girls went skiing at Shawnee Peak. Didn't buy much but did find a cute pair of flats in J Jill for about $26. Had never driven up through FRyeburg Maine but did so yesterday-, was pretty with the snow still so white, the snow banks so high and some snow still on the trees and roofs. Fun was had by all as they say.
This was Friday night on the way to Deb and Dave's house in Gorham, Maine for our early winter adventure. Actually we weren't in Ellsworth but Sanford, but I couldn't find another logo on-line. Its the same pizza anyhow- memories from my college days in Orono at the University of Maine- double dough, pepperoni and oni (with the pull apart crust-its just 2 layered doughs). And tonights was especially good- right up there with the prime rib at the Grand Canyon. MMMMMMMMM.

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