Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy, BUSY, bUSY me

The before trip business has set in. Me and my lists, can't forget this, must do that....There's a list on the kitchen counter and another one on my bureau. Partially packed...still need to do laundry...checking the weather in London...excitement building...what travel guides do I bring because books get kind of heavy....
And today my hives have been a pain, but got lots of work done at work...tests I gave today are graded, lots of labs graded, tomorrow I have leadership teacher at the Rochester Opera House so I'm not in school. Sounds like a fun day- I know little about the theatre except I watch plays. Going to learn about stage combat- sounds interesting.
Oh well, I am BEAT- too much planning and list writing- and I want to copy some things to my iPod for the plane ride.

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