Monday, February 11, 2008

latest read

Having trouble uploading photos to my blog tonight, so I can't share with you some favorite faces. But here's my latest read, which I am very much enjoying, as well as reliving my Roman vacation (I only got to visit for a week unlike the author's 4 months-lucky her). But I have thought about how all my vacations end up with a "theme" like in this book. It may be a planned theme -more likely not though-just evolves while visiting. I'd say the root of the theme is because of what's moving me at the time AND depending on where I am. I've taken trips for particular purposes, but most of the vacations I go on are not just for 1 thing. I go to experience a whole range of things. That means its not an all consuming theme- where every event is that one topic, but the theme seems to turn up a lot. Take my trip to Rome and Italy in 2005, the theme was culture. I didn't go looking for culture, but between visiting Roman ruins and looking at art and observing how people make a pilgrimage to the Vatican (and not being Catholic that surprised me) plus never mind watching Italians and interacting with them in their own country. Big word for all that is my week of Culture. In Ireland last spring, the theme was man and nature- ruins left to waste and I was fascinated to see as many as we passed by), nature itself as we did some rambling at Giant's Causeway and at the Lake in the Wicklow Mountain National Park. AND it was nature being tamed- all the sheep in all the meadows. When we went on our Western Ramble-Vegas to Zion to Bryce to the Grand Canyon back to Vegas- the theme was geology, earth, nature in a way but more long term nature-millions of years of change. As I said, not everything on these trip was theme related- we shopped in Dublin, Ireland and drank Guiness. In Rome we people watched, in Vegas there wasn't a lot of signs of geology at the Mama Mia performance we saw- but themes are bigger things- aren't they?

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