Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tulip mania!!!!

These tulips are my obsession right now. I bought this glass jar with the bulbs in at Costco a while back, and you keep putting water in-then you get to see the bulbs grow and bloom. Well these babies are blooming like crazy- especially yesterday when we had blue skies but bitter cold temperatures. Love them! Make me wish it spring!
Today the sun quickly disappeared and its been gray- and so did my mood-especially with a crabby 16 year old around...and now I am so blah. Dave put a gorgeous new floor down in the first floor bathroom but now the rest of the bathroom-which wasn't much to look at to start with- looks really sad. Ah...if only I had lots and lots of cash to fix up the whole house. I tried scrapping today and that went ok, but just wasn't feeling it. Need to stop punishing myself when I can't be successful. Plus, Katie has taken over my computer since she doesn't have one- made her own account on it, and its not that I don't mind sharing, but when do I get something for my own? She uses my car, my computer, obviously my house, which is all ok, but part of my blah is I feel like I'm I'm not taken as a me anymore-I'm just expected to be the mom first. Not that I don't love being a mom either- and I got all upset this morning because I know in just a little over 2 years she's gone and I'm kid-free. UGH. I don't want to be kid free. I think that's the heart of my blahs, that thought got me started on it. A dread for sure. Because even though I want my own computer, I really don't mind sharing my life with Katie.
Well, we leave for London in just a few days-suitcases came out today...5 days of school left...well 4 since I have leadership teacher Thursday. That will bea great family time! That makes me happy.

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