Monday, February 4, 2008

Just for the record-A Day of Mourning

Man, what a football game last night. Depressing. In the last 35 seconds to let the Giant's pull ahead- 17-14. The Pats did some silly things I'll admit, and they should have gone for a field goal a few times, and they didn't catch passes...but man. Bad enough not to win the superbowl but to not get the record of 19 straight wins. The superbowl was the cherry on top for this- and who will remember they still won more games than the 1972 Dolphins because the Pats couldn't pull of a Superbowl win.
I actually had sad football drams last night. Eeeks. I like the sport, but to dream about it. This really is a sad sad thing and today a lot of us New England fans feel like we are in mourning.
Time to go home and do art and feel happy again.

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