Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weather report

SNOW DAY! Lots of snow, then ice and then rain which has frozen on all the trees. No matter- we're all home with a snow day and I have done some chores and baked blondies with mini-peanut butter cups in them- and as soon as those blondies come out of the oven I am going back up to the studio for awhile. Then I can nap and read more of my Eat,Pray,Love book. I'm now in India.
Read a great quote today, which can be summarize to say something like this: The road is the journey, and we are always on the road, so enjoy the scenery as you go along. Not even sure who said it, but you can check out Ali Edwards blog for the full details.
Been watching London weather on the internet- and they've been having 40-50 degree weather. Will seem summery and balmy after our weather- and HOPEFULLY- will stay that way and we won't bring winter there with us. Can't wait- counting down- I week and 3 days til we go.
Been getting my Valentine's from the swap, but today the driveway is too icy looking to walk down and check my mail. Will post all the great artwork I'm getting-maybe tomorrow for Valentine's day.

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