Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just about ready!

Our hotel is somewhere here along Buckingham Palace Dr.
Will be seeing this in just a few days- along with Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul's- I could keep this list going on and on.
I am packed! The iPod is charged and ready- fresh with 2 movies to watch. There's a book in my backpack carry-on. Laundry is caught up. I am sooooooo excited. 1 more school day- which shouldn't be too bad. Just have to be up up early Saturday since our flight is at 8 a.m., and they are saying some snow...yuk,yuk,yuk! But not too concerned. All will be well, and it looks like it will be ok in London.
Tim Holtz posted his new stamps on his blog- wow. More excellent stamps. And I was bad today- ordered the new Oxford Impression plate (country-on the farm) today from Stamp Diva. Like I should spend money on stamps since I'm about to go on a pricey vacation. Couldn't resist though. Wanted them waiting for me when I get home.
Did have a great day to Rochester Opera House for leadership teacher. Learned stage combat- or at least a few moves, and learned about bricks (no, really interesting-they guy was a mason archeologist), and learned other theatre items. Was a lot of fun- had a lot of laughs.
Anyhow- most likely won't hear from me until next month when I'm home again-we come home the 1st. Bon voyage!!!!!!!!!

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