Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home theme

Made a bunch of cardss yesterday with a HOME theme. Here's my favorite-I did go back and recolor the tub so there's no missed spots. It helps me to take photos down in thelivingroom light because the light in my studio is sketchy...but I did get lighting for Christmas only its not up- bathroom has consumed out home improvement tendencies lately.  Anyhow- this card is about being home and taking a nice soak in the bathtube (or hottub), your garden, your puppy...all those other things that make home so sweet. (The kitties, the books, the studio, the kitchen...) The stamps are by Cornish Heritage Farms (the tub), Rubber baby Bumpers (the dog), the flowers (Hero Arts), and the saying (Stampotique). I love retro homey still designs so that must be why I love this card.
So I made my rainbow cake, frosted it this morning, but haven't cut into it yet. I don't think its going to look as good as the photo on Whisk Kid's blog (this is where I got the reecipe), but we'll see and I'll post them once I cut into it.
Also decided for a list that I would come up with 50 things to do in my 50's rather than things to do before I turn 50. I must admit... my list is no where as long as when I was 20, 30 or 40 since I've done so many things and I do think you get a bit some fussy as you get older, you know, you know you're priorities more.
Anyhow, sun is out, its still pretty cold- like 8 degrees F, and I am feeling like I'm starting to break out of my hibernation least for now. Will post cake photos later.

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