Saturday, January 30, 2010

January wraps up

Must say I am glad January is wrapping up. Its been a tough month mentally, lots of very cold weather (like now), some snow but not tons, but still not a horrible month- did quite a bit...had bookclub the other night which was fun though my drive home was sketchy with snow and ice and last night went out with most of my department at work to celebrate some birthdays-which was a lot of fun- but it was bitter cold.
So its Saturday- my weekend list- must do a CSS financial aid form for college for Katie, need to clean, want to shop for a cabinet for my bathroom, would like to paint the bathroom and maybe finish that, need to clean-oh this house is bad, want to work in my studio.. see ther enough time? Maybe even shop for  a FLIP video for the trip...we'll be there in 3 weeks and I am getting so excited- besdies it was 48-50 degrees there yesterday instead of our whopping 10 with a wind chill at about -10.
Here's some tag size pieces I am making (they might not be finished pieces)- I can use them on a scrapbook page or put them on the front of a card but am not sure yet what I will do or how/if I will finish them since they could stand on their own. The top one is using some of the new Hero Arts stamps out-love this set- which I tweeked a bit and added a chimney, thought it might be cool but not sure-think they could both use some stitching- maybe onto another piece of paper...lets see where I get with them. Hopefully, I will get into the studio this weekend- seems to be a bit of an issue lately, yesterday I bought a book to try to get some advice with that -and it looks excellent!!!-
Haven't had a chance to read it since I was beat when I got home last night and this morning have a few things to do once I wrap up today's post. Add that to the list, eh?
Happy Saturday though!

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