Sunday, September 5, 2010

Katie's Home !!!!

That's an excited Mom talking for you. Though I'm doing pretty good  with her gone, I am so EXCITED she is home for a couple of days this weekend!
So yesterday it was still quite warm in the morning and we tried to make an afternoon of it up at my mother-in-laws on the lake. I wanted some fiction to read, the Bill Bryson book is coming along, and when can't you love Bill Bryson? I will say though, this book isn't what I wanted. I though it would be more travelogue, but it is more essays. And since I had just finished The Sweet Life in Paris book of essays, this is too much to same. I will finish, but needed some fiction, so here we go. Its a fast fun little read-hopefully get through it this weekend.
Anyhow, the lake didn't quite work out. Cold front came through and it got CHILLY, and then Dave and Katie were going to take out the boat but the battery was dead on the motor so no go. Oh well...that's how it goes some days.
There were 2 things I REALLY wanted to do and finish up off my summer bucket list. One was to finish cleaning the toys out of the basement closet-finished that yesterday-now its going to become my cooking supply closet so everything EXTRA will be in one place. The second is make bread and butter pickles, which I did Friday morning. So excited to make some more now too...its really an enjoyable cooking procedure.
Salting them down first...
Cooking them in the juice second.
The jars are ready! Clean and sterilzed.
A bit out of focus- be we have yummy pickles!
Not sure what's on for today...but its cool and mostly sunny so should be good no matetr what!

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