Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Decadent Night

I am home ALONE tonight except for my animal entourage. Dave is out of town on business and Katie is of course off to college. And, I got home early as I needed to go to the drs about my strange torso rash (ugh!) which I am not talking about except to say this cream had better work. But, its been a decadent night. I had a half an hour to wait for the cream for the rash at the pharmacy so  I took a drive (with Harley who was with me) over to Merrymeeting Lake. It was SOOO quiet there. Feels like it was summer or I was miles away from my regular daily routine and it shook me right out of the after work I'm tired mode.You can see a couple of the many photos I took playing with my iPhone Histamatic-which I am loving to play with. Then after the pharmacy I stopped for a coffee frappe, which was YUMMY as it was a very nice afternoon, not too warm but not bad at all. Then I came home and put on my pj's at 4:30 (my normal get home time too!)which is really decadent since who puts on pjs at that hour unless its the dead cold of winter. But who would see me since I am home alone? And I am SOOOO comfy! Then I spent a bunch of time working on my journal and photos from last summer's vacation which I haven't touched in weeks since I've been so busy making cards for Katie. That was GREAT! ow its only just after 7 and I do need to heat up some soup (I made chicken soup last night and didn't even go into my studio at all) and maybe watch a little tv or read or watch some movie I want to watch...the possibilities on this decadent night are endless.

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