Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

Here's a fun simple card. Been finding I like simple cards lately...but that will change. I love how this fish looks like he has SUCH an attitude!
Few more shots from our apple picking adventure to the farm-these above with the Histamatic ap in my iPhone too.
And these not. I love fall- I think its my favorite season because the weather is so much more consistant- usually warmish days and cool nights, and I can wear sweaters-which I love. I must say though that by the time I get home from work-4:30ish, the shadows are lengthening here and the inside of the house is so dark, and its cooler outside...noticed that yesterday...and that one thing I don't care for about autumn...shorter days...and then knowing winter is coming...and in NH winter can last for so LONG.
But its suppose to be sunny and nice today-enjoy!

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