Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar

So my mother always says, but I'm not sure if it means I'll be a dollar richer or a dollar poorer. These days its hard to say. Yesterday FLEW by, work was BUSY, trying to be PREPPED for the week at work...also this week we're really back int the swing of work...unlike last week when the kids were only in for 2 days and then a long weekend...but now, we're BACK! Feels good in a way. In another way, its still easy to morn the end of summer. Now that Labor Day is over, summer is over. Maybe not on the calendar or in the weather-its humid right now- but the summer season is over and I am looking forward to some cooler fall weather.
Enough said.
 Been making cards-lots of cards- to send off to college...looking for somethings fun and not too "old". Don't want to make Katie cry or feel sad from a card right now. Katie decorating her wall next to her bed with cards I've been sending, and since she didn't get one yesterday-which I heard about in a tet message at work- but TWO were in her box Monday night from the weekend... she kind of forgot about that....who doesn't love to get mail? Anyhow, during this adjustment time I think she is loving getting these cards. Anyhow, all stamps are CHF- the somebirdy special card went to my niece who has also left for college in Boston...

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