Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall arrives Today

Its the first day of fall, though I don't know what time it begins. (Weather just said its during our overnight and tomorrow is the first full day-11:09 tonight it changes). Its amazing in just the past couple of days how much the leaves are starting to turn. The nights are cooler too...but today is suppose to be nice and warm-but it always cools back down at night. So here's another histamatic how its kind of fuzzy and looks like its on fabric. Most trees have not turned this much but here's an early turner.
Here's a couple of fun fall cards- I am loving the Kim Hughes stamps I bought when CHF closed down this summer. They are VERY versatile and interchangable, as you can see. I've made a bunch of cards using them lately...but as you can see they're also fun for making cards for all the off to college kids...not baby but fun for them...and not too old for them either. But any age can enjoy these.
So tonight I have bookclub at 5, am planning on going....we're going to Newwicks to sit with a water its convient for all us, those who live in Portsmouth and those of us who live out of town so to speak. Right near the highway for getting home. Ands it suppose to be nice, so if its not showery I may go walk the beach before I go...lets see where this afternoon brings me.
Enjoy this day! Hump day as they say!

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