Thursday, September 9, 2010

Card Making Frenzy

Been in a card making mode lately- made a bunch...and I'm getting more and more on the edge -for me- as I get going. Last night I made 3 cards and the night before 3 cards...this is after work and before dinner. I can't say my cards are WILD, but I've been pushing my own limits...It feels GOOD to push those creative limits and to get out of my own habits.
These are fun. I call them my GLAMOUR CARDS. I've been focusing on making cards I can send to Katie or one of the girls who have just left for college. I really like these, especially the polka dot one with the crow right above this.
So today I have a long day- I am off to speak to a UNH education class after work and then meeting Katie for dinner- which was why I said I'd stop by and speak-I can see her...the prof had a last minute cancellation and she knows will be fun and something different...that's my day today. A little change of pace.

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