Monday, October 15, 2012

A day of BIG things

Today Dave starts his new job. He's been out of work since mid-July. I am excited for him...he negotiated his own new position with a company closer to home than the old one.
But I understand his nerves (though he says he is NOT nervous). But I do understand what it is like to be off for long enough to get out of the working mode and not be off so long you it changes everything in your life. (As a teacher, I do it every summer-though usually with no sympathy from my husband-kind of how I feel now that he is sounding like me.-LOL) He actually got hired about a month ago but the company needed time to prepare. He needed time to paint the house even though he didn't finish the project. That's how it feels when you have just a few months off. Enough time to start things but not enough to finish them
That's one way of looking at it out of the millions of ways to see it.
(And for anyone who has been out of work for a very long time, I know your pain. Dave was out of work for 22 months back 20 years ago when we were young and had a baby  and a huge mortgage and no money-since as a new-ish teacher I at least had a job but wasn't making much. I am not trying to down play his unemployment. And he is lucky, I know, to get this job. I thank the forces of the universe for that every day.)

And it is also our wedding anniversary.
24 years!!!
I tell him it's all part of the plan conceived when he first met me back in college 31 years ago.
I don't know whether I am more in awe of the fact that we have been married for 24 years now or the fact we have been a couple for 31 years.
This photo was at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada last summer on our vacation.
And since things come in threes they say, I need one more big thing for today.
BUT a good thing.
Haven't discovered that yet-
but since I am talking about threes
but here's a photo that's a three-

Not a great photo-but here's Katie, me and then my mom last Friday when we went down for her birthday. Three generations-trying to see who was the tallest-tough the photo doesn't show that at all. Katie had on these 2 inch heals so she won BUT, heels don't count. Do they?
Happy Monday World.

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