Tuesday, October 30, 2012

See That Girl on the Left

See that girl on the left-she's turning 21 today.
Here she is with me and her grandmother who just turned 29 again earlier this month.
Born in the middle of the storm that was written about in the book and shown in the movie 
"The Perfect Storm".
This year she has no classes at college because of the fall out from Hurricane Sandy another Perfect Super-Storm.
21 years later.
Does that mean her 42cd birthday will be something life changing too?
But believe you me, I am NOT rushing forward to find that out.
Do you think I look tallest in this photo?
That's what we were trying to do, see who looked the tallest.
Oh well, I am NEVER the tallest-
even among 2 short women.
I am have a delayed opening and wishing I had the day off again but after watching the mess in New York, NJ and lots of other places, we got LUCKY!
Hope where you are everything is OK.
If not, my thoughts and hopes are with you.
Make it a Happy Day to celebrate my baby's birthday.
Thanks for visiting too.

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