Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Tonight is the night that witches go riding and corpses rise from their graves.
How about this moon shot?
Just needs a tiny black witch on a broom silhouette to make it perfect.

And here's another oldie from my blog.
Spooky cemetery for the skeletons to rise from.
I need to add one walking over the crest of that little ridge.
Just picturing a creature made of bones-old and brown and dirty bones at that-walking over the ridge towards the camera freaks me out a little bit.
So I found a few more Halloween artsy-crafty pieces that I haven't yet shown you. These are pieces I made but aren't quite sure I LOVE. They're not bad, and they're certainly good enough to posts, but they all need something I haven't figured out just what that is.Seems like today is a good day to show them off...
Here's a card. 
The Tattered Angels is shiny and it kind of glared in the photo. But it is so
The background die cut is from Die-Versions.
The candy image is from Crafty Secrets.
There's parts of this card I like and parts I don't like.
I love the spiders, candy, corn and pumpkins. I like the label, but this card needs something more.
Don't you think?
I just don't know what-and still don't know what.
Anyhow, I mailed it off to Katie at school so it is what it is.
And this from  my collage Halloween book that I showed you the other day. This book was made last year but needed some finishing. I love the pumpkin is from Artistic Outpost.
Bats are all a Spellbinder's die.
I like how the spray background came out but I haven't shown you before because it looks too busy OR needs something to tie it all together.
More from that book-but not a very great photo. This page is a bit too kid like for me.. Think it is the ribbon.
And finally his candy tag from the same collage book.
I actually like this tag, and this is just the back of another tag-the witch one I showed you last week.
I like to put something simple on the backs of tags so when you pull them out you have something on both sides.
Trick or Treat!
You decide if these are tricks or actual treats.
Have a really spooky day everyone.

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