Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leaves are Falling

You can see all the leaves in my driveway yesterday when I walked down to get the mail. It ended up being a better day than those weather people said but by 4 o'clock the sky got really dark and we had some rain.I actually went out and read on the screen porch-and it may be the last time this season I get to do that until it got so dark that I went in and made some bronze clay bracelet pieces.
And hey, Hockey East college hockey season started last night.
(Since the pros are shut down for two weeks at this point.)
Isn't that exciting?
Even though Maine lost their first game 2-1 to Quinnipiac. (Did I spell that correctly?)
So today
here's a few more fall photos from around my yard.
Last roses of the year more likely too.
So there is still quite a bit of color in my gardens, for October that is.
Some of that color is leaves turning yellow.
How about the texture on this crazy fungal puffball growing in the garden.?
And a bit of leaf color. Not much red this year but lots of yellow. And the leaves are kind of brownish spotted too, but I'm not surprised since last summer was pretty dry.
This was yesterday- and below
just a few days earlier it was this-
Colors are coming up fast!
One last photo for today, and then I will let you go.
Love this owl in my garden. 
Have a great Sunday.

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