Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bursts of Color

Snippets to show you. Unfinished journal pages but today life just calls for some bursts of color.
I am loving just making colors on my journal pages.
And I don't want to forget textures too!
I bought one of those new Dylusion's journal and I really like working in it.
Dina Wakely said at the class I took with her that you should buy 2 journals so you can work in 2 at a time, that way you can paint and let one dry and while it is drying you can work in the other one.
Plus I used parts of one of my Gelli plate prints to make the hearts here.
And lots of dots from Circle Explosion- one of my favorite Crafter's Workshops stencils.
And their raindrop stencils too. 
I use both of these stencils a lot.
Not sure how I am going to finish off this page...
That's why you only get snippets and not the page as a whole.
These colors remind me of the explosion of leaf color going on outside right now.
The reds are a little less there year than normal though, I think.
So yesterday was double movie day.
First Dave and I went to see Argo.
With Ben Affleck, who looks so much better with a 1980 hairdo than usual.
That is one EXCELLENT highly recommended film.
Got to say I really really liked it.
Then I watched the Descendants with George Clooney on HBO.
George Clooney is also a very very nice looking man.
But you probably  know that already and don't need to hear that from me.
It was a good movie but kind of weird too.
Sad. Not sure I expected it to be that emotion.
And I started a new book this weekend

The Casual Vacancy
I must say I was curious. I've read all the Harry Potter Books and wanted to see what else she had up her sleeve. Not too far into it yet, and I am finding it readable, but I don't yet feel that connected to the story.
We'll see after I get a bit further.
So that is all I have to say today. 
Have a fun, fabulous, creative or maybe even a relaxing day.
Whatever you want your day to be.

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