Saturday, May 25, 2013

10 Things Saturday-Life Lessons

A COLD and rainy Saturday of Memorial Weekend for us here in New Hampshire. Last year we were in the 80's, with sunshine and I went for my first swim. This year we aren't suppose to get out of the 40's.
That's COLD!
It is also an anniversary of sorts. 24 years ago my husband and I moved into our home.
That's a long time ago.
I was 29 at the time.
Holy cow!
Anyhow, enough of that.
(Making me feel too old!)
This week's 10 Things Saturday is an interesting thought list for me.
10 Things I learned from my dog and cats!
Here's 2 of the 3- Harley and Leo.
The other one- Emma- also known as Pie-Pie - doesn't like her picture taken. She's definitely shyer than these 2 boys.

1- If you get asked to go someplace, jump up and go. Who knows where you'll end up but it will be an adventure no matter where it is.
2- Have enthusiasm for life. (Oh yeah Harl- that is your mantra!)
3-If the opportunity to nap comes up, take it.
4-Always find something fascinating to watch and get involved in.
5-If you can snuggle with someone, it is definitely better. (I have 2 snuggly boys and  also a snuggly girl)
6-Dinner and snacks are always important.
7- Find a blanket. Having one on hand is one of life's necessities.
8-Being all together is better than being alone- but sometimes, you need your space.
9-If someone wants to scratch your back (or behind your ears) enjoy it to the max.
10-When you're happy, show it. When you're sad, show it. Smile, dance for joy and just let it all come out.

We're having a long weekend here in the US right now, and I am very excited about that!
Too bad though- the weather here today is cold and dark and wet.
Still, any day off is a good one, especially if I can do something fun.
Have a great Saturday and enjoy your weekend.

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