Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guest Blogger Today!

Hi there.
I am guest blogger today!
Don't I look thrilled about that too?

So I go by the name of Leo and I am one artistic cat.
Not actually the kind who does the art, but I lay in the middle of it and leave my paw prints-figuratively-  all over the heart of it.
One can not be ignored, after all.
I let my possession-  aka MOM- work in my room,
even though she gets up and has to step over me
 (at least not on me though sometimes I think she might like to)
Can someone post a comment and remind her I am there because I want her to stop to give me a head scratch or at least acknowledge me more?
Like she could acknowledge me more than she acknowledges all those supplies she has laying around everywhere.
Or at least
make a little more floor space for me as I am not petite.
But a head rub would be appreciated, at least.
One can never get too much attention,

I also let her put all her stuff in my space because I actually like the stuff she has there, boxes I can crawl in that get me inky and bins with lots of shiny little things in them.
And while I have your eye and this opportunity-
if you could tell the college girl who moved home the other day to go back to college  ASAP because I want my bed back-
the nerve of her.

This is all I have to say to you all.
Be nice to your cats-
and don't bring strange dogs into the house,

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Michele R. Unger said...

You are most handsome, dear Leo, if a little imperial. Of course, being a CAT, you are an anointed being and so much more superior than the people who serve you. I have been well trained to being a cat servant myself, and understand that you are most gracious to allow the college girl to share YOUR bed and that you allow your primary server to occasionally make some art. You are most benevolent. Scratch scratch, pat, pat, head rubs.