Friday, May 3, 2013

The Old West-Embellished!

More of my Arizona scrap-journal today to wrap up this work week.
I like using this BIG stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms to make my journaling block, and I like to cut a side off of it and then adding it to the side of a page.
I distressed this page quite a bit too, since I wanted it to look old.
I especially like how the paint blobs look and make it look like the paper is really old.
Here's another page that I wanted to look old and cowboy-ish too.
Obviously with the cowboy on the page. What I love is the trim that looks like leather, but is really just white paper that has been stained and rubbed with ink to look old. Embossing folder is from Provo Craft.
The 5 cents metal pin sticker is from Jenni Bowlin.
And this Tombstone page was some cowboy gambling tables. Thought a poker chip or two would help out on this page. So I took some white new chips (since I don't have any old ones sitting around) and painted them with yellow and brown Distress Paint. A little rubbing while the paint is just about dry- and this is what I got. I also like using the twine- helps a lot create that vintage old west feel I was going for.
How about this horse-shoe. It is from October Afternoon. I painted it, put some Crackle Glaze on it and once dried, I rubbed some brown ink over it. I added some black brads into where the nails go, and then I sanded them a bit to give them that worn you. I also used a few stickers, not sure who made them.

Don't know about you, and even though this week hasn't been that long, I am so ready for the weekend.
Hoping we'll have a new truck to go pick up tomorrow....I am tired of truck shopping and next weekend we need to go move Katie home from school. Speaking of Katie, she has her big presentation for one of her classes today. I bet she's a wreck this morning with nerves.
Poor kid.
I also know Dave is getting antsy to bring home his boat from his mom's where he stores it for the weekend. He needs to clean it and in a few weeks we can bring it down to the marina for the summer.
OK, enough for me today.
Have a super day!

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