Friday, May 24, 2013

Journal Sketching

I mentioned last week I have started a new summer journal/scrap book- kind of a little bit of everything. I also mentioned how I wanted to make it less scrapbook like and more journal like.
So the other evening I sketched all my daughter's bags and suitcases and boxes sitting in my living room after she moved home from college. I haven't done a lot of drawing in quite awhile-but I still think it looks ok. Not a hard thing to draw, mostly straight-ish lines...
Any of you learning to draw-
I highly recommend this book

I learned about it several years ago while taking a local adult ed drawing class-it was a great introduction to drawing- and I got super lucky- the class turned into a drawing group that lasted for 6 months. That was just what I needed to get my confidence up. 
A close up:
That's all for today. Stop back soon.

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Tracy said...

That book is great, especially the exercise where you draw things upside down to fool your brain. Have fun finding homes for all your daughter's things :)