Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Summer Journal

So last summer I kept a journal/scrapbook. It was made up of photos, mixed media pages, ephemera and some plain old scrapbook pages.

I kept it from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
This year I decided to do it again-only to start a few weeks earlier.
I also decided to try to make it more journalistic and less scrapbookish.
Well, I love to scrapbook and my pages are pretty journal-ish anyhow.
I call my scrapbooks- scrap-journals- because my style isn't too traditional.
Here's the title page for the book.
I made these letters by die cutting them on paper first, rubbing them in embossing ink and then embossing them. Oh forgot to mention, I colored them green before embossing.
Really like this brand of embossing powder.

So you can see I began by using some Dylusions spray ink and some stencils. Assorted colors and patterns.

Gave me messy fingers making this page and it was a blast playing with all these colors and textures and assorted materials-paint and inks and die cuts and papers. Even used a gelli print in part of the big flower (Sizzix Framelits). I painted the other parts of the flower very lightly, rubbed off the excess and then sanded the paper. I don't know if you can read the fortune cookie fortune but I think it is a appropriate prediction.
So I hope.
And I
Think this background would make great fabric.
Well maybe not the blobs.
I have learned that I am artistically motivated by color.
Maybe why I love scrap-journalling in the summer -because there is so much color.
Everywhere in summer.It is just plum-dum
Till tomorrow!

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SAMARA said...

You are so right, this would be fantastic fabric! And yes, I agree with the fortune. (I had to click on it lol) This is really beautiful...worth the messy fingers for us to see and think of summer!!! Thanks for that. Lovies, Samara