Monday, September 21, 2015

A Little of This and a Little of That

 I am writing this Sunday evening while I watch from football with the hubby. I had productive day working around the house, but I am beat. I went through about half the stuff I brought home from my mom's house clean out last weekend, did a bit of cleaning, took a long walk, and a few other little chores. I am pleased what I got done  though. Its one of those good satisfied feelings.
My weekend was a great balance of play, accomplishment and relaxing.
Always a good way to spend a weekend I say.
Here's a journal page for today. It started as a Gelli-printed page, that I added a bunch of stenciling, stamping and some painted paper too.  
Stamped images are from Paper Artsy and Dina Wakely.
I love the polka dot background paper and all colors. Those Dina Wakely flying bird stamps are some of my recent favorites.
Though I never made it into my happy place this weekend, I don't have any of after school appointments this week-Yahoo! My goals this work week is to get some studio time and try to finish this book I am reading. I read a lot this weekend while enjoying some afternoon sunshine.

I brought this old stained table home from my mom's because I love the shape to it. It was also my Grandmother's table, and since it was not my mom's style she kept all her houseplants on it. You can see the rings from them.  One of these days I will refinish it, but for now I washed it. I am going to move it into the house and use it for my sewing table. But since it wasn't really dry  I'll move it out of the garage next weekend.
 And I snagged this kitschy little shelf unit out of my Mom's house too. I need a small set of shelves in my studio for some little knickknacks I have. I got it spray painted grey this weekend so next weekend I can hang it up.
OK, I think I've babbled on enough for one post.
Have a great start to your week and thanks for visiting.


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your page is beautiful Erika!
This table looks very good indeed.. good you took it with you!
Time always flies when I do housework or want to organize something.. and I never manage to do all I want to do....
Happy new week Erika!

Valerie-Jael said...

yOUR JOURNAL PAGE IS WONDERFUL; AS ALWAYS; LOVE THE COLOURS AND THE Geli-print background. The table you brought home from your Mom's is beautiful, it will look great when it has been refurbished. Glad that your weekend gave you a good feeling of accomplishment! Have a nice week, hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 said...

That's a great page, Erika.
The pinks and the turquoises, the clouds and the flying birds, all terrific.

Corrine at said...

Great page. I love the marks around the birds, there is so much energy in them. Sweet table from your grandmother. I would want to hold on to it as well. It would end up in my studio somewhere so I could use it every day. xox