Monday, September 14, 2015

More Quilting

Monday again. These 2 day weekends FLY right by, especially when you are really busy. (And also when last weekend was a long weekend, a regular weekend feels so short!)
Saturday I had a productive day cleaning up at my mother's home, and yesterday with the rain, clouds and cool weather we had, I had a low key day hanging out at home. I never got out of my pajamas all day. Boy did I really needed that kind of day!
One thing I did do yesterday was work some more on the quilt I showed you in my last post.
The link is here in case you only opened  up to today's post and have some interest in looking back: More Stitching .
This quilt is a experiment in texture.
 I used my die cutter to cut out a bunch of fabric circles in a few different sizes, and then I used some assorted stitches to add some depth and more texture to my quilt.
The photo color isn't great, thanks to the dark day. I'll show you more another time.
 In some of the circles I layered  with 2 fabric cut outs  because I wanted lots of depth. I did some snipping and some that created some more layers.
I used smooth cotton, felt and some shiny cotton to make my fabric circles.
I used different colored threads to add some more details to this piece.
I'm calling this quilt the universe. Reminds me a little bit of some old space map.
So I've got a very busy week ahead, not only work but the dreaded parent open house is this week. Plus a few other things...always hard to start a week you know is going to ask a lot out of you.
But it is time to charge into the day, be the bull ready to gore any obstacle  in my way. I'm having a bit of regret that summer is all over right now. But part of me is also really ready to move into fall.
Think its good thing I am about ready for fall. I spied these leaves on my walk last Friday; I can't believe they're starting to turn already.
I hope your week is starting off on a good foot, and I'm glad you stopped by my blog today.


Valerie-Jael said...

Your quilt is really beautiful, love all the planets and stars, just fantastic! Here the leaves are turning too, autumn is coming! Have a good week! Hugs, Valerie

Corrine at said...

Love the orange stitched circle. Funny. I hung out in my pj's almost all of Sunday too!!! xox

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow.. adorable quilt art Erika! WOW!
Happy new week to you!