Saturday, September 12, 2015

More Stitching

 When I journal, I have several pages in progress at once. I like sitting down to something in the works, not the white page. I usually start by finishing something that is partially complete, and then I move on to some new pages. Some of those I might finish, while some will be my next session's starting point.
The same is true for sewing.
Here's another painted piece of canvas that I have been doing some stitching on.
For an art quilt that I will one day finish.

This is stitching that I started back over my summer break, when I had just set up my sewing machine in my daughter's old bedroom. Then she broke up with her beau, moved home, and I had to move my sewing space to my already cluttered dining room.  But that is OK. I would love a really uncluttered spacious feeling house but I don't think that is in my realm of functioning. A little clutter (and that is my house-it is NOT that bad)) means you have a busy, full and rich life.
Why do I still hear my mother's disapproving voice in my head as I write that?
Speaking of my mother, I am off to help my brother go through some of the things in Mom's house, argue about how much I am willing to sell him my share of Mom's house for, and also  actually stop by and visit Mom. I am looking forward to seeing her and even more so, getting the hubby for the day- I'll have him more to myself than I usually do, since I am dragging him on this road trip with me. I'm looking forwarding to have some time with him while we drive, and also in case I need some reinforcement while dealing with my brother. My brother thinks he's being fair, but he doesn't ever see things from anyone's perspective other than his own.  I don't want to make him sound like a terrible person, because he really isn't all that bad, and maybe I am just being the pain in the bottom big sister that I am.
Enough said.
Hope you have (or are having) a great start to your weekend.
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Valerie-Jael said...

I think we all seem to have brothers like that - good luck for bargaining today! Love your stitched art, it's always good to have things to come back to for another time. Einstein said 'An empty desk is the sign of an empty mind' - I live in a small apartment, with my clutter all around me, where I can use it, and it's fine that way, it's a place to live not a museum! Hugs, Valerie

Corrine at said...

You didn't mention the girl was back. Sorry for her and the break-up but nice for you and the dog to have a doggie pal. I am amazed that you are blogging every day now that you are back at teaching. Good for you. I can't wait to see this stitching all done. I know it will take a while, that's a big piece. xox