Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Eclipse is Coming

Hi everyone.  Its Sunday evening and tomorrow is the solar eclipse that is visible from much of the US.  Here in New Hampshire  we are only going to see the eclipse at 60%, but there are places in the US that will have a total solar eclipse.
The dark line shows the path of the eclipse and where the best viewing will be, and as you can see New Hampshire is way up on the right corner, far off from the total eclipse.  I am going to build one of those box pinhole cameras to view as much of the eclipse as we are going to have since I don't have any eclipse glasses and of course, you should never look right at the eclipse without eye protection.
Since tomorrow is a big day in astronomy, I have another page from night sky journal to show you.
To make my page I used a bit of paint, a sheet of old style computer paper (actually  12x12 printed paper not real vintage computer card), some stamps, a die cut, some stickers, some scrap paper and a little bit of sparkly paper tape. 
Blast off. 
I am planning on spending my last 3 days of vacation before I blast back into school having lots of fun me time. If I can spend  Monday in my happy place after I get home from my morning walk, life will be good. Going to miss my morning walks for sure once I get back to the classroom. I know I can walk after work but somehow that morning walk really gets me ready for the day.
And I also have some photos from my Finger lakes trip to show you. 
A little more glass perhaps from the Corning Glass Museum. Today I have photos of various (in no specific order) historic and cultural pieces.
Let's start with vintage scientific glass equipment.

 A section from a giant glass flask periodic table.
 A gorgeous stained glass screen.
 And window.
 And a close up.
And glass through the ages:

 This is a Roman goblet and horn shaped cup.
 Phoenician and Egyptian pieces
 And then some pieces that are relatively more modern than the ancient civilizations.

That's it for me today. Hope you have a wonderful start to your new week.


Valerie-Jael said...

Enjoy the eclipse, and be careful! We might see a part of it here, if the clouds go away! Wonderful journal spread, very fitting, and LOVE the photos from the glass museum, always wonderful to see. Have a good week, and enjoy the last days of freedom! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

What an exciting post! I love your pages
in the night sky journal!

The images of the exhibition are so special again! Great!
Happy start into the new week!
oxo Susi

butterfly said...

Love your night sky journal, perfect to celebrate the eclipse - I hope you got a good view. Thanks for sharing all those magnificent glass photos. The vintage science equipment is so cool, and the Tiffany window is absolutely glorious!
Alison x

CJ Kennedy said...

Love your page to celebrate the eclipse. Those glass pieces are just beautiful. Himself is a chemist so would love all the science glass. Hard to pick the favorite or most beautiful. Windows, vases, bottles. I do love all the cobalt glass. Is that a punch bowl? Hope you get to enjoy your me time today. Stay safe and have a Happy Eclipse Day?

Blogoratti said...

Hope you have fun watching the eclipse. Wonderful photos indeed and a delight to see. Nice of you to share!

Joan said...

Awesome journal pages - I love the astronauts!! We will be at 80% totality in Ohio for the eclipse. I am going to make an eclipse page in my journal today.
Stunning photos of the glass museum! Thanks for sharing.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am glad you got to see a partial eclipse. More to appreciate in a few years. I truly adore the pages you created in your art journal. They are swell and very galactic (grin).

I have owned a bunch of pyrex over the years and for some reason had no idea it was by Corning. Those blue pieces are right up my alley, too. My grandmother owned something similar to the roman (or greek) soldiers (dark blue), but hers were much smaller and hers was a nightstand set. I loved that you shared these with us and the stained glass was as lovely as anything by Tiffany.

Let's Art Journal said...

That is such a cool page for your night sky journal! I love the colours, words and images and those stars add just the right amount of bling too 😀. Wow, what an amazing glass museum, all the pieces are so beautiful especially the test tube artwork, stained glass screen and window and glass through the ages - I love it all 😁. What a wonderful adventure you had a Finger Lakes, how did you get to see so much in such a short time - what fun! Enjoy being back at school and I'm off to find your other post about glass now, don't know how I missed it! Happy Thursday! J 😊

Jeanie said...

Your eclipse page is really terrific. And I love that you went to Corning Glass Museum. I see signs for it when we are on our way to MA but we never seem to make time to stop, which I get -- a long ride and more to come when we go to Marlborough for the trade show, but someday. Seeing your photos makes me all the more interested!