Thursday, August 17, 2017


Hi everyone. Hope your day is good so far. It is chilly here in New Hampshire this morning. I guess it is a taste of back to school weather. (One more week and I go back. Lots of mixed feelings about that.:) )
So today I have a journal page for Art Journal Journey. Thanks Jo for the great theme of Poetry in Motion.  Today's page is made on a piece of cardboard with lots of layered tissue and book pages. I used some of the inner layer of napkin tissue this time. Some of the bright leaves on the top layer leaked through onto the inner layer while printing.  I like the delicate and just visible splash of color.
Then I added lots of ephemera elements to finish off my page.
So today I also have some more photos from my 4 day journey to New York's Finger Lakes. I'll be back tomorrow with some more glass, but today I have some photos from our hike in Watkins Glen State Park.  
A very popular trail there is this Gorge Trail. It is a historic trail that goes down along a river in the gorge the river has carved out. 
The trail is on the left side of the photo and it is covered with slate or cement and there are stairs up and down on the slopes. One set of stairs said it was built in 1908. This is not the rough hiking on dirt that we've done many other places.
To get in and out of the gorge there are stairs-over 800 of them.
The round trip trail itself is about 2.5 miles (4 km).
 Its my kind of hike beacuse the views are spectacular.

We had the perfect morning to do this hike, not too hot, and I am really glad we did. It had a lot of wow factor for sure! 
And who knows. Maybe the couple in my art today once hiked this trail too.
If you're interested you can find out more information at Watkins Glen State Park.
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Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos - I would so like to visit that gorge, thanks for sharing the fantastic photos. Great journal page, too, it's very stylish. Time has flown, it's nearly time for school again, and I am so happy I don't need to go any more! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

Wow.. the page is so beautiful - love the delicate and just visible splash of color - this is really amazing! I am happy to see it linked to Jo's lovely theme Erika! Thank you and also thank you for taking me with you to this spectacular hike in Watkins Glen State Park.
Amazing views! Thank you!

oxo Susi

Anonymous said...

*wow* wonderful Journal Page with the quote!!!
What wonderful adventurous photos of your trip..
Happy Day

Let's Art Journal said...

Your vintage page is a real delight! Your couple look so elegant and I love all the pretty embellishments, it speaks of romance just like your quote - perfect 😁. I'm so pleased you like the theme at Art Journal Journey and thank you for joining us again! The hike you went on looks amazing, how wonderful that you can walk behind the waterfalls and you got some fab photos 😁. I loved how the gorge has been carved out of the rock overtime and the shelf like patterns it has formed. I think your couple would enjoy seeing such spectacular views too ... lol 😉. Thanks again and Happy Thursday! J 😊

CJ Kennedy said...

Lovely page. I like how the colors blend with the sepia tones.It might have started out a bit chilly this morning, but it warmed up nicely to a perfect day. Looks like you had a perfect day for hiking. WOW! the scenery is amazing. Love the stone bridge and the waterfalls.

Meggymay said...

That is a great quote to use with the wonderful vintage style page. Advice for many of us I think.
The photos of your hike were amazing, great scenery and views.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

LOVED your vintage page. The bleeding colors were simply perfect and added depth to the piece.

I was totally impressed with that park and your hike. I was blown away by the Cavern Cascade and would LOVE to visit there. The entire experience must have been breathtaking, because it was from MY side of the screen. It was a simply UNBELIEVABLE place and beautiful scenery. So glad you shared it!

Rita said...

Cute page. Waterfalls are magical. Great park! :)

Jeannette said...

wow,love your stylish page,love the golden frame for the ladys face,love this this letters in the backruond and soft colors,time go flown,love this theme of love.
the photos of the wonderful watkins park,so spectaluaer,thans for sharing with us.
happy weekend.

hugs jenny

2amscrapper said...

Thanks for your blog visit. I adore your vintage journal page. Amazing photos of your trip. Helene

craftytrog said...

A beautiful vintage page Erika! And your photos are wonderful, it looks like a great place to visit with those stunning views. My kind of place!
Have a lovely weekend,

Divers and Sundry said...

What a touching piece of art. It so perfectly illustrates the "listen to your heart" sentiment.

Those photos! That trail is right down my alley, and I know I'd love going there. I checked the link you provided (thx!), but it's a 15-hour drive from me, so chances are I'll never see it in person. Thank you so much for providing me with this virtual trip :)

Jeanie said...

Wow. Watkins Glenn park is magnificent. All those waterfalls. Looks like a wonderful time. You really maxed out your Finger Lakes visit, didn't you? Makes me want to go back in the summer for longer than an overnight!

nanskidrewski said...

Amazing...looks fantastic! I want to go there!!! Thank you for sharing!