Thursday, November 19, 2020


 Hi everyone. Another week is flying by for me. Perhaps for you also. Yesterday was so cold with the wind I even needed to start the woodstove.  Today is suppose to be warmer and less windy. Hurrah for that.

With so many oak leaves having recently fallen down, there is an abundance in my yard (even though I have raked once).  I decided to collect a bag and see what  I could do with them. 

I was having a fun morning playing, even if what I ended up doing was really basic.

I  started off  with a few  leaves that I painted and then stamped. 

First on watercolor paper. You can see the stamp block I  used to press them flat.

Then I moved onto some black tyvek as well as some thick felty interfacing. I wanted thick interfacing so I could use it for a book page I have in mind.

First in orange and bronze paint, and then some black added to it.

I like the little pop of color but the black really added more details.
And on the Tyvek the details are interesting.

I let my leaves dry with the paint on them. Not sure if they will start to decay painted, but I wouldn't mind using them directly onto some art.

Then I decided to try embossing them with embossing powders also.

If the plastic in the acrylic paint doesn't work to preserve them, perhaps the heat and the plastic in embossing powder might. And if not, well it was a fun playtime.
Of course I have yet to get to the book that is designed  in my head (so many ideas for projects and not enough time to do them all-ha-ha), but hopefully I will.
I still have some more leaves in a bag, so more playtime is ahead. I have a few more tricks I want to try with them since these are level 1 basic leaf play. If you have any other ideas of things to do with leaves, I'd love to read them. 

I am linking up to Art Everyday Month, day 19 already!
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R's Rue said...


Valerie-Jael said...

Love your fascinating leaf experiments, great way to print and play, love the results! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

Cath Wilson said...

I was looking at your blog earlier, on my other laptop with a malfunctioning keyboard, so I thought I'd make a point of coming over while in my craft room, so that I can comment.

I LOVE leaves, Erika and these are gorgeous, but more important is the fact that you are having fun and enjoying your retirement so much. So encouraging and heartwarming. Lovely decorations as a result. Those leaves look gorgeous!
Cath x

DVArtist said...

Ohhhhh Erika!!! I love this piece. The outcome is my kind of art and you did a wonderful job. Enjoy your day.

CJ Kennedy said...

The prints are wonderful but the real leaves with paint and embossing powders are fabulous. I once put a small leaf on an ATC and sealed it with mod podge. It seems to be holding up okay. Stay warm!

craftytrog said...

Wonderful leaf prints, and I love the painted and embossed leaves Erika!
Alison x

Birgit said...

I love the painted leaves and maybe they would be preserved in a scrapbook?? Loving the backgrounds you created with them too

Divers and Sundry said...

I love your leaves and how you used them in your art, and it's a joy to see this attempt to preserve them. I hope it works. They'd be great Autumn decorations in addition to being great elements for your artistic works.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

What a great idea! I like the way they stamped onto the paper. And I also like the way they look, to be used as is, if they don't decay. I'm looking forward to seeing more artwork using this technique.

It was a little warmer today here in Connecticut, but not much. (It was about 25 F this morning. Brrr.) Each day is supposed to get a little warmer. Then another cold front just before Thanksgiving (which I can't believe is a week from today).

Serena Lewis said...

Your leaf art is gorgeous, Erika!

kathyinozarks said...

Wow I love your art project with the leaves-never thought to use as a stamp-love that thanks
Happy Friday

Iris Flavia said...

:-) I never thought of putting paint on a leave and use it as stamp, clever!
Great outcome!

NatureFootstep said...

love what you did with the leaves. I had a similar thing in mind and have leaves, but never came around to do it. Maybe now I will. even if the leafs are dry bay now :)

Re your question about grandparents. We are from Sweden, about 4h drive south of Stockholm :) Nearest town is Linköping. :) Hope you find it!

Tom said..., neat ideas. I remember doing this as a kid and make sun prints with blueprint paper! Thanks for the memories.

Lowcarb team member said...

So good for this time of year!
Love your leaf art ...

All the best Jan

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry for being so late visiting. I was SO sick night before last, I didn't even link up to AEDM for at least two hours. Still not well, but feeling guilty, so wanted to stop by and admire the leaves you stamped onto the paper. I am SO glad you also chose tyvek. I've never seen black tyvek, but HAVE read about black Lutrador. These turned out great. I love the embossing, too.

When I want to preserve leaves, and I don't want to leave them for days on end in very expensive glycerine, I cover them on both sides in sort of expensive gel medium. I've had some that have lasted for at least six years, or maybe longer, since time slips away in my craft world.

Jeanie said...

Really pretty, Erika! I especially like the first ones at the top which I would mat and frame and hang each fall!. The gold paint is really pretty there!

Let's Art Journal said...

Such beautiful leaf impressions! Loved how you used them with watercolour, just gorgeous 😁. Happy and creative wishes! Hugs, Jo x

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a fabulous play time you had and what gorgeous leaves! Love the gold ones especially! Chrisxx