Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Day

This was a drawing in the book that I colored with Copics and added the witch and body parts. Think its quite spooky now. The whole page is shown above.
You can see I modified the house again (see yesterday's card). This one I added extra doors too so they open for a surprise inside.
A few more pages from my witch altered book....which is basically done now-when I get home I'll try to get the last few pages photographed.
Tonight I'll be home "normal" time, whatever that is TOO BUSY still this week and its driving me NUTS. Oh well, its Wednesday. We had a GREAT National Honor Society Induction last night which is GOOD, but I wasn't home until almost 8 and was out cold by 9.
Hopefully, it'll be a great day and for me, NOT TOO CRAZY!