Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

So here's a tag I've shown before-made it back in the spring-but its appropriate since today is the celebrated holiday- though I know tomorrow is Columbus Day here in the US (its almost mom's and my nephew's birthdays). Stamps are B Line (for the galleon) and Postmodern Design for the word  and something with Animals in the name for the sun-that's a an older stamp and with my cheek still swollen, I can't remember exactly.
Anyhow, its a holiday here- the end of our 3 day weekend, and my cheek is still swollen and my tooth is still draining (to put it nicely) and I need to go shower so we can bring Dave's car in to get worked on. That's it, wasn't the exciting weekend I'd hoped for but did get a lot done on my Halloween book, which hopefully will get to later today too! And I did read a lot of my latest book- not Edgar Sawtelle but this one
which I am very much enjoying. And I've done a few chores here and there...but I guess that's ok. Next weekend I've got more on my platter so to speak.
Have a great holiday if its yours to celebrate (I think its also Canadian Thanksgiving) and if not, have a great Monday!

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