Friday, October 29, 2010

The Honey is 50 Today!!!

Yeah!!! Its finally Friday-though the week went quickly! Got home late last night as I was at school for 8th grade open house  and then stayed up to see most of Project Runway-saw the runway show and the end but didn't catch the time between, not so sure about Gretchen winning...a good designer but her collection didn't speak to me.
So the BIG news today is that its Dave's birthday- he's turning 50!!!! Here's a couple of photos from our last vacation back in Feb-the top one is him and Katie (my birthday girl tomorrow) at the Barcelona Aquarium and this bottom one is him at the Roman colliseum/stadium in Nimes, France. We're going to have a family PARTY tonight for him...nothing huge but I need to frost his cake when I get home today...after I pick up Katie and get us some steaks for dinner. (Dave's choice).
Anyhow, LOVE you SWEETIE! Have a happy DAY!