Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 5 of the tooth saga

Its really more than day 5 if you count the dentist and the original root canal, but yesterday I didn't feel all that great and I ended up back at the endodontist and got another anitbitioic-now its all swollen under my chin-and sore...this seems like it will never end. So I took a sick day today to stay home and take pain killers...plus be sure the new antibiotic will work...but I am feeling VERY optimistic about that. I HOPE!!!!!
So I got a massive amount of sleep last night-like almost 12 hours...how much of that is Vicadin and how much is me needing it, but that helps a lot. No rush to do anything today- though I do have tests to grade later, which I will do. I hope. Otherwise, another vegitative day in this house for me.
A few more shots with my histamatic app, took these last week, before things got too bad. All are in my veggie garden before the final clean up.

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