Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Canyonlands National Park

One of the 4 National Parks we visited on our travels was Canyonlands outside of Moab, Utah. I liked this park.I liked the vast rugged scenery.
Here's a few snapshots, all untouched yet.
Above is this arch and the view through it that we  took a short hike out to.
Arches are interesting rock formations, basically they form a big hole in the middle of a piece of rock called a fin.
At least that's how I got it from the placards describing it. 
Didn't want to get too close to edge of this one.
Can you see how it drops off? Eeks. I don't like heights. Stayed as far back as I could on this one.

My family thinks I am nuts, but I insist we take a photo at the entrance park sign. I am always glad to point out that plenty of other people stop and do the same thing.
Looking down in one of the canyons.
We were goofing around and the hubby wanted a photo to look like he fell over the side. Ha-Ha!
Love this big gorge in the ground. Once I touch up these photos with a little light and contrast adjustment they will probably be great.
And we did this hike out to a crater, but we missed the sign and hiked out to view#2, crater and canyons. Glad we did. Katie is celebrating our final arrival end the end of the trail.
This is the crater. The photo needs some darkening because what looks whitish-tan is actually greenish, but there is a lot of light which fades it out. 
Here's the hiking sign we missed. That's because Katie, my 21 year old, was leading us. She had a hard time staying on the trail, maybe because she is more a spa kind of gal than a hiking kind of gal.  But she was a good sport.
Here she is,  enjoying the view.
Hope you did too.

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