Monday, July 29, 2013

Relaxing with some Happy Time

Yesterday started off as a bit humid but beautiful day and then clouded in- just like they said it would.(Unusual for our weather people.)
I decided I would spend part of my afternoon out on my screen porch working on my travel journal that I barely got to during my trip.
Here's a few pages.
My travel journals aren't really scrap books-though sometimes I put in photos- but more scrap collages. I like to tell the story of my journey with memories and bits and pieces I accumulate during my travels.
It is easy to collect lots of free bits and pieces during a trip. I do buy a few postcards too.
I also use my craft stash and make a few pages-some before I go, some when I get home to finish the journal.

I often include the brown bags the postcards come in as little store pockets in my book.
Recycling for a good cause I think.

More another day.
Still need to finish this little book.
Have a great Monday!

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Chel said...

I LOVE your travel book- and I also love your porch! We have a little sunroom plus the lanai, and I'd love to work in either space, but there's no tables. I have a little table in the sunroom I got earlier this summer for painting, but it's basically become a resting place for books and cat toys. Your post has inspired me to clean it off and put it to use in the way I intended it to be used- as a place to do some creative stuff. Thanks for the kick in the pants! :)