Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Road Trip #1

So yesterday I did a very all American thing-
I took a road trip to visit my mom!
Well, I didn't go all by myself.
I had furry company in the backseat.
The old boy LOVES road trips just like his mom.
Me and Harl make great traveling companions.
He just demands some snack food while we drive.
He likes Dunkin Donuts munchkins-
Though this was the WORST selection I have ever had.
I need a little liquid energy to deal with those world famous Massachusetts drivers.
Of course, I am a trained Massachusetts driver since I lived there when I learned to drive.
(and in case you don't know about Massachusetts drivers, they are rude, erratic, like to cut you off...some day I'll tell you story of when Dave and I were driving on the outskirts of Lake Tahoe, California and the road was empty except for this one car, that car had to pull out and cut us off, and of course, they're license plate was from Massachusetts-I can still hear Dave-who is not a trained Massachusetts driver, complaining!)
Here's my choice of energy drinks.
Anyhow, we made it to Mom's, and had a very nice visit.
We went to go out to lunch at Mom's favorite restaurant, and we found this.

If you can't read this, this other photo shows you everything you need to know.
Poor Mom.
So we went to a local place that sells sandwiches and ice cream, and after our sandwiches we decided we needed to have mini-sized ice cream sundaes.
Don't tell her I posted this photo. She didn't like it, but I think with the face motion she looks cute, and very excited about her sundae.
I look like I'm drooling-
Today I am off for my mammogram and then meeting Katie on her lunch break for what else, lunch. I figure if I've got to have a mammogram I might as well spring it up a bit with a nice lunch afterwards.
Especially with such good company.
Have a great day!

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