Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Things Saturday

Pre-post from Tuesday the 16th.
Here's what I always worry about the day BEFORE I leave for a vacation.
A few make sense.
A few make me wonder why I think about them at all.

1-I worry about my pets.
This year is especially true since one of my kitties, Emmie, seems to be losing weight and is having issues eating.
She's been in and out of the vet, had either a jaw infection or bone cancer that we
had surgery to correct-
but her jaw is receding and it is hard for her to eat.
Plus I miss Leo cat and Harley the dog.
Harley is with my mother-in-law
Leo is home.
Katie's beau should be stopping by to feed the cats.
I hope he does.
I HOPE Emmie is ok.
(I spent the other afternoon really upset about her, sitting with her on the couch, trying to have some quality time with her. She just wants company. Man, I am gonna cry again).

2-That my plants won't get watered and I will come home to find my container garden totally brown and dry.
The boyfriends is suppose to do a bit of watering.
Hope he does.

3-I worry I will forget something that's hard to pick up while away.
Not shampoo or anything like that but that I'll forget my camera, the charger for my camera, the extra camera battery, the National Park stamp book.

4-That I'll oversleep and miss my flight.

5-That I'll pack the wrong type of clothes.

6-The I won't leave the house clean enough. I like to come home to a picked up house, BUT
why do I need to pick it up for the cats at home? Those 2 can make it messy without me being here.

7-That the garden's are weeded. Yes, I could come home to a big overgrown mess, but why must I have them weed free when they aren't that way when I am home?

8-The all the laundry gets done before I leave. Not sure who'll bring what I guess.

9-That my summer scrap journal is all caught up. This I can see. I am at another place when I return home and it is hard to go back and journal about something that seems far away. And it is suppose to be a fairly kept up with journal.

10-That I remember to stop the mail for the week.

Am I nuts or what?
Happy day.
Not sure where we are or what we're doing-
well I take that back
I think today we're visiting Mesa Verde National Park.
But you never know where adventures take you.
Stop back again  soon.

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