Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 Things Saturday-Road Trip Edition

10 more photos from my trip-
road trip fun edition!

1. Since we were in Colorado and John Denver sang Rocky Mountain High (in Colorado) we picked up this $5 CD at Target and played it over and over again.
Drove the 21 year old crazy.

2. Garmin, Tom Toms, all those GPS have their places, but I love a good map so I can geek out as navigator in the car.

3. And for 7 days of driving, you must stock up with road food. Some junky drinks, bread and peanut butter, crackers, oreos, paper towels and baby wipes to wash your hands.

4. We don't have this chain in New Hampshire. But we saw quite a few in Colorado. You can get mega sized drinks here, if you want to and you can fill your gas tanks too.

5. And even though we have Targets, I have never seen one so woodsy. Love the front of this one in Silverthorne, Colorado.

6. And you need to use a few of these along the way.

7. And sometimes you need to stop for gas and maybe a snack and a potty break.

8. And sometimes you stop to read placards or road signs.

9. And of course it is always fun to see what state you are entering.

10. And sometimes, after you've been driving  a bit, you need to wash the road and the bugs off your windshield.

I will show you some more trip photos next week.
Enjoy your day!

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